Anna Goodwyn

Anna is a second generation homeschooler, married 23 years to the boy next door and has graduated 2 of their 6 children. Anna helps moms grow and thrive right where they are by being sensitive to the current season, giving simple steps to create healthy patterns and restore order in the home. Anna shares actionable steps and encouragement on her YouTube Channel, Just Makin It Work.

Workshops from Anna Goodwyn (may vary by event location)

Homeschooling with Fatigue

Homeschool family life means we are juggling life amidst the lessons. For those living with a Chronic Illness or in a season of fatigue, the reality is, that we are working with limited energy to carry it all out. We must “work smarter, not harder” as they say with realistic and simple strategies to keep our homeschool functioning and sustainable. This session will bring encouragement and simple, actionable ideas to implement in your homeschool. My goal is for you to walk away with a lighter load and a plan!