Amy Roberts

Amy Roberts of Raising Arrows® offers practical and encouraging advice on all things large family homemaking and homeschooling via her popular blog, podcast, and YouTube channel.

Workshops from Amy Roberts (may vary by event location)

Large Family Homeschooling Homeschooling a large family has its own unique dynamics and needs. This session offers practical tips and tricks for homeschooling a houseful, including how to teach everyone using the same curriculum, how to homeschool with toddlers and babies in tow, and how to organize all the stuff.

Home Management for the Homeschool Mom

Are you struggling to keep your home in order while you homeschool? This session offers hope and encouragement and a way to reimagine homemaking as a homeschool mom so you no longer feel overwhelmed and stressed. How to Have a Jubilee Homeschool Year Burned out or worn out from homeschooling? This session will teach you how to take a break from your usual homeschool routine to revitalize and refresh your educational efforts at home!