Amy Roberts

Amy Roberts

Raising Arrows

Rogers, AR

As the homeschooling mother of 10 and author of the popular blog, Raising Arrows, Amy brings practical advice and encouragement to overwhelmed moms across the world. Learn how to simplify housework, homeschool planning, meals and more so you have time to truly enjoy the journey of motherhood!

Workshops from Amy Roberts ( may vary by event location )

Home Management for the Homeschool Mom

"I can clean or I can homeschool - I can't do both!" Have you ever said or thought these words? You know you can't let the house go or neglect your call to homeschool, but you have no idea how to fit it all into your day. This session will teach you how to set aside unrealistic expectations and put all the pieces or your day together to create a home management and homeschooling system that works!

Large Family Homeschooling

Homeschooling your large family can feel overwhelming when you try to homeschool the way smaller families do. You need innovative ideas that work for your family without wearing you down. In this session, Amy shares practical tips and tricks to homeschool your mega-sized family without a mega-sized plan! Bonus advice on how to homeschool while pregnant, with a baby in tow, and a busy toddler to boot!

Resources from Amy Roberts

Home Management for the Homeschool Mom
Home Management for the Homeschool Mom
Are you struggling to keep your home in order as you homeschool? Are you feeling like your days are always haphazard and chaotic? Are you overwhelmed by all there is to do in a day, and wondering if you really can do it all? Don't Give Up!
How to Make Any Curriculum Work for Your Family
How to Make Any Curriculum Work for Your Family
Tired of buying curriculum that never seems to work for your family? Do you wish you could buy something new, but simply cannot afford it this year? Are you tired of jumping from one curricula to the next, trying to find one that fits your kids?
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