Abbie Halberstadt

Abbie is a happy wife, homeschooling mama to 10 rad kids, bestselling author, blogger, & reigning family Nertz champion. More importantly, she’s a Bible-believing Christian desiring to know God & make Him known. She lives by the motto “hard is not the same thing as bad”& encourages women to dig into the everyday trials of motherhood for the treasures of joy that are there if we are willing to look

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Our Struggles Are Never Wasted

What if we were never meant to effortlessly be: patient, kind, wise, or good at teaching fractions?
What if the areas in which we find ourselves lacking are a gift from the Lord to force more reliance on Him as we parent & home educate?
As counter-cultural as these questions are & as much as they may chafe on the days when an IV of patience feels like it might be the only thing that could get us through reading practice with our six-year-old, the truth is the challenges we face as homeschooling parents really are the best kind of hard—the kind that drives us to the foot of the cross.

Leaving a Legacy: Homeschooling for Generational Benefit

As a 2nd generation homeschool mom, I can attest to the many benefits I reaped from parents who said “No” to social pressure, disapproval, & the “easier” traditional education. Yes, some of our struggles were multiplied, But our blessings were also by Mom’s steady presence in our home & Dad’s dogged commitment to keep her there. Perhaps your struggles are different, but we will all face unique challenges when we choose to walk the countercultural road of homeschooling. Be encouraged that your efforts are not in vain and can, in fact, continue to bring generational blessings for years to come.