Stand Firm Ministries

Helping families stand firm in such a time as this.

At Stand Firm, our mission is to equip and support families in standing firm in their faith amidst the challenges of modern life. We strive to provide biblically sound teachings, practical guidance, and a supportive community that fosters spiritual growth and resilience. Our goal is for children and youth to have a faith that lasts past the time they graduate, leave home, and step into adulthood.

Products / Services

All of our resources and training have the end in mind using research on what is helping youth and children develop a robust faith that will Stand Firm.

We partner with parents with free online content and training to help them fully integrate faith into their family life.

We offer a free program called “Rooted” that helps empower and equip families to be rooted in the Word and mission

We provide in-person training events for churches and co-ops.

One of our six steps to standing firm is to make sure we’re telling our children the “whole story” of Scripture. We sell ground-breaking resources to cover the “gap” areas of the whole story.

Those gap resources feature the only children’s picture books on the return of Jesus and the Millennial Kingdom, titled Jesus and His White Horse and Jesus and His Kingdom.

We have soon to be released books on the subject for mid-grad and youth.

We also have digital curriculums on the gap areas of the end times, the return of Jesus, God’s continued plan for Israel, and the unseen world.