Kevin T Ford Author of Lepunia

It was Founding Day, and the jackrabbits of Lepunia were busy preparing for the centennial celebration. For one of these, Jackson Swift, a lifelong dream of becoming a Galloper would finally be realized.  As a leveret, he had dreamed of following in the pawsteps of his grandfather, the renowned Colonel Spurge. At last, Jackson would run the Gallop and be vested. Yet not all is well in Lepunia. The treachery and betrayal of one of their own lies hidden, and an enemy too great for them waits for the storm to break. Nothing is as it ought to have been, but one thing remains: Jackson’s unbreakable friendship with his friends Lily and Fluff. No tragedy can break that bond, and in all things the Swiftness is working for their good. Legends are proven true, unexpected heroes arise, and the kingdom is within them.