Inquisicook, LLC

Inquisicook is an innovative concept that combines food science and culinary arts into a single, hands-on course. Learning takes place in both the classroom and the kitchen, and students put their knowledge to use right away cooking real food that the whole family can enjoy. Incorporation of the scientific method and hands-on experiments turn curious students into intuitive cooks–not just recipe followers.

All instruction speaks directly to the student in a relaxed, conversational tone, so no parent presentation is required. With our online platform, video lessons and supplemental resources are just a click away any time of day. For our full-service courses, a teacher provides insightful feedback and regular progress reports.

Deciding how to spend education dollars is a serious matter, but we think the greater concern is how to spend time. After all, it’s possible to earn more money, but once time has been spent it’s gone forever. How often do you have an opportunity to invest in a field of study that has the potential to impact every day of a student’s life? Inquisicook is exactly that, and we invite you to join us on a journey of culinary curiosity and academic achievement.