Grammar of Grace

Complete Christian and classical homeschool curriculum, roughly for ages 5–14. Grammar of Grace utilizes memorization, copywork, beautiful literature, and other old-fashioned methods to teach elementary and middle school-age students. As for content, without apology Grammar of Grace is thoroughly Christian—using scripture, character-building history and literature (including Lamplighter books), and quality outside curriculums, including an introduction to the Latin, Greek, and Hebrew
The Classical Trivium was the education method used by the Reformers and early Americans—when Christians made biblical literacy a chief aim for all people. This focus led to an explosion of literacy, learning, and the spread of the Gospel, unparalleled in world history. Grammar of Grace seeks to return to that high point in Christian education, and offers a practical curriculum for homeschooling parents to that end.
Daily memory work and Bible reading are the core of this old-fashioned curriculum, and siblings study many of the same topics together in the style of a one-room schoolhouse. Children will thrive in a routine free from worksheets and textbooks, and parents will be absolutely amazed by what their children can learn—and enjoy learning!

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Grammar School curriculum (roughly elementary—middle school), copybooks, helps for learning Latin, Greek, and Hebrew