Genesis Apologetics

Created by Dr. Daniel A. Biddle in 2014, Genesis Apologetics is committed to providing Christian families with Biblically- and scientifically-based answers to the evolutionary theory and other major questions that often pull people away from Christ. Our goal is to strengthen the faith of God’s children by grounding them in biblical truth and equipping them to discern error. Our ministry provides practical and easy-to-understand web, video, and written products for pastors, parents, teachers, and students. The materials provided will be those that are “core” to the Creationist position, which are generally held in agreement with leading creation ministries, such as AiG and ICR.

Products / Services

–The Ark and the Darkness (https://noahsflood.com): Genesis Apologetics and award winning Sevenfold Films’ director of Genesis: Paradise Lost present: The Ark and the Darkness: Unearthing the Mysteries of Noah’s Flood. Ancient history, volcanism, the fossil record—all of these and more converge on one simple point: Noah’s Flood actually happened. Join our team of scientists from Answers in Genesis and Liberty University as we reveal the truth about Noah’s Flood. This film is meant to challenge skeptics while equipping believers to defend their faith.
–Genesis Impact: Millions of people stream into Natural History Museums every year where they are presented the idea that life evolved on earth over millions of years. Is there a different view? Yes, there certainly is, and we believe the Bible presents the viewpoint about origins and earth’s history that actually fits the evidence. This movie is the first in an upcoming series that will delve into these topics (https://genesisapologetics.com/impact/).
–Debunking the Seven Myths that Deny the Historicity of Genesis, Creation, and Noah’s Flood: In an age where all secular colleges and many “Christian” colleges deny parts (or all) of Scripture, this book and companion DVD is meant for High School students to help solidify their worldview and shore up their apologetics before going to college.
–Student Zone (K-8 students): Join Big Wave Dave in his studio for engaging science experiments and lessons that build your student’s faith in God’s Creation! We have dozens of short video lessons on DVD, perfect for K-8 students. Join us as we answer questions about creation, evolution, Noah’s Flood, dinosaurs, and many other topics. It is our hope that these videos and materials will help strengthen your faith and equip your family to share the gospel with others (1 Peter 3:15).
–Debunking Evolution: Do you want to strengthen your student’s faith? Help them understand why evolution does not hold up? This program, made for 5-10th grade students, does just that. Join John and Jane as they discover the truth in Genesis!
–Answers to the Top 50 Questions on Genesis, Creation, and Noah’s Flood
–And more 🙂