The Church shines its brightest when it stands firmly on God’s Word alone. This demands unfettered access to Scripture in every heart language, and every form. Join us as a monthly partner to financially empower and mobilize Bible Engagement teams to fortify the Church today, so together, we can light up the nations of tomorrow. Sign up below.

Bible translations are advancing at an unprecedented pace. Churches and organizations worldwide are reaching new nations. Both new and established communities are rapidly embracing the Gospel. Even so, there is a growing and deeply concerning gap that has persisted for far too long—the “Bibleless.” These are individuals who seek to follow Christ but do not have access to Scripture.

Today, thousands of churches, both free and persecuted, seen and unseen, are persevering without access to Scripture. Join us in delivering God’s Word to empower them to stand strong and shine brightly for Jesus in their nation.

Every Bible Counts.