Each semester is made up of 10 classes(for 10 weeks) filmed in HD widescreen with follow along notes, discussion questions, supplemental articles, memory verses and quizzes. Each video is around 1 hour long. All of the videos are streaming and can be watched on any digital device that has internet access. One membership can be used for the whole family and full access to all forty classes is only $9.99/month. If you sign up during the convention, it's only $4.99/mon.

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Online Christian Apologetics Bible Curriculum. Classes are taught by Kevin Conover, MA who has been teaching apologetics to students for more than 12 years in the classroom. It is a two year Christian apologetics curriculum that is fully online and highly engaging. Semester 1 is Nature: Created or Evolved, Semester 2 is Religion: Who's Right?, Semester 3 Bible: Myth or Fact, Semester 4 Bible Applied to Culture.