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New Curriculum – Same Teacher?

During the 2018 Teach Them Diligently conventions across the southeast, I was given the privilege to speak to men about homeschooling. Yet during this time, I was curious about what other dads were thinking and struggling within the homeschool life. Well, they wrote down some questions and I told them I would answer them. They cover all kinds of subjects and areas, so get ready for “Answers from the Husband of a Homeschooling Mom”

Today the question comes from Keith! This can be a tricky and potentially dangerous answer, but let’s go for it.

“How do I handle disagreements with the wife on the curriculum?  For example, the current curriculum isn’t working, but it’s what my wife is comfortable or familiar with.  But it doesn’t match my daughter’s learning style.”

Keith, buckle in brother because this is going to be a wild ride for you.  


When there is any time that we as men think that we are right and the wife is wrong, we should take our thoughts to God and pray.  We may be right, they may be right, or we both may be totally wrong. So Keith, step one is to pray. Pray for God to reveal the right direction to both of you.

Talk to Your Wife

Keith, one of the smartest things I did was take my wife off on a curriculum planning day.  We took our ideas, papers, books out to a state park along with a lunch and we talked. She presented ideas on how the day should go, I countered with my thoughts.  Curriculums were tossed about on which one may and may not work. Which ones were more affordable and which ones were just so in-depth that it would cause confusion.  There were no kids there to watch, listen out for, or to attend to. It was a time where the two of us got together and LISTENED to each other.  This gives you both a chance to voice your opinion on how to make your homeschooling work.

Trial Run

Here is where your words turn to actions.  If you believe that there needs to be a different curriculum, purchase it and YOU take over that subject.  Some companies will allow you to purchase a one month trial or have a mid-year (start-over) discount. You may be right that your wife is comfortable with what she is doing.  She may have a great understanding of what is expected and what to expect from your daughter. You taking that subject over and demonstrating how to do it and showing it in action may alleviate some stress from your wife in possibly swapping over to a different curriculum.  However, it may also let you see that the problem may not be the wife or the curriculum. There is the chance that your daughter just does not care at this time to learn anything about that subject. Not bashing your daughter, just speaking fact. There are times in kids life when they just refuse to cooperate with anyone on some items.  


When the trial period is over, sit down and have a discussion with your wife.  Explain what worked for you and what did not. Ask her what her thoughts were on the way it was done.  See if her opinion of the curriculum has changed or has remained the same. Just be prepared that you Keith, may now be the teacher for this subject!  If that is the case, hold that head up high and be the teacher! Take that subject and stress off of your wife. More men should get involved with their family in homeschooling so they are more aware of issues just like this.  This may require for you to adjust your schedule with work. Currently, with one of my boys, I am doing something similar trying to help with focus in the mornings. Just be prepared to be the man but not the dictator.


Men, if you are going through something similar, let’s hear about it.  It is nice to know that you are not alone on the battlefield of homeschooling!


Till next time…

I’m just a Husband of a Homeschooling Mom,

Steve Blackston

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When we were younger Leslie and I helped out in a youth group at our church. Honestly, there was no better training for being a parent than working within this youth group.

The youth group consisted of roughly 60 young people from middle school to high school. As young parents who had babies at this time, we were able to see this varied collection of teens from different homes influenced by different cultures, parenting styles and education choices.

The one consistency in this group, just as can be found in any group, was imperfection. Dealing with people is often messy!

Once I was sitting in the back of the sanctuary with a young man from the youth group when his father walked up to him and started yelling. His father was upset because his son had worn athletic shoes with his nice slacks to church. Apparently, before they left home his dad had already told him to wear something nicer, and the young man had defied his dad. Whether you think this is a crazy request from the father or not, is not the point. This young man was in the open and apparently there was more going on between them than just a disagreement over shoes. This young man already had a problem with bitterness toward his father, and his father was just exasperating the bitterness through his reaction to his son’s defiance.

We’ll get to that most important word shortly, but first…

Provoking our Children to Wrath

InEphesians 5, scripture makes a big deal about provoking your children to anger or wrath. Think about this…of all the things Paul could have referenced under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, he points to provoking your children to wrath.  I think that tells us a lot about not only the potential power anger has over our children, but also the tendencies of fathers and their children.

Paul knew that anger in the home has the potential to allow bitterness to enter the hearts of mothers, fathers, and children. There is nothing more powerful in ripping a family apart or even separating a person from God the Father than anger and bitterness. The Holy Spirit directed Paul to write this verse in Ephesians because He understood the tendency in our sin to sway into anger.

And, I am not talking about short-term anger like being upset when children spill drinks on nice furniture, or even when they miss a curfew or fail a test.

I am talking about the kind of anger that develops into rage or violence or grudges or bitterness.

This is the kind of anger that people hold onto. 

Quick story, Once my oldest was arguing a little with his mother over something he had done. When I heard him argue I became very upset. I don’t even remember what I said or he said; but I remember he was defending himself, and I perceived it as being disrespectful to his mother.

I walked into the room and told him what I thought of what he had done to draw the scolding from his mother, and I also told him to stop defending himself.  I did this with a raised voice.  At that point, he stopped talking, stuck his jaw out, dropped his head, and sat on his bed.  Then, as he was looking down, I told him how I felt about his attitude and how he should never do it again. The next thing I know tears started to show.

After I saw the tears, I backed off and walked out of the room.

I left him in his room for a little while so we both could cool down. Shortly thereafter, I came back into his room and apologized. I didn’t justify it or tell him what he did wrong at this point at all.  I just fell on the sword. I told him that I was very sorry for raising my voice in a way that tore him down.  I made sure to ask him to forgive me, which is very important.

The reason I did this was because I knew that it was the way forward. God talks about forgiveness not just because it releases the wrong-doer but also because it releases the one that is wronged. Sometimes saying sorry is the best way forward.

In parenting you are going to mess up. You are not going to handle every punishment and circumstances with perfect consistency, justice, the right measure of grace, and wisdom. But, to allow any level of anger or bitterness to rise up and develop into a breach in the relationship with your children will make it impossible to reach them…to disciple…to mentor…and to direct them. If your children are holding onto anger or bitterness, it does not matter if you feel like you are right, you need to resolve that. Sometimes the only way forward is to humble yourself and say sorry for your reactions.

That is why SORRY is one of the most important words in discipling your children. You will make mistakes, guaranteed! Don’t think it undermines any level of your authority by saying sorry.

Let me help you a little more on this! What I apologized for with my son was losing my temper and yelling in anger at him in such a way that it diminished him. What the father in the case with his son’s shoes could have done is say sorry to his son for yelling at him in front of everyone and embarrassing him.

Think about Ephesians 5 again…what is going to provoke your children to wrath? Make a list…what is it that could be a source of anger for your son or daughter?

  • injustice or unjustified response
  • inconsistency in applying rules
  • choosing something over them
  • embarrassing them and diminishing them
  • withholding love from them
  • misdirected anger landing on them

Keep going! Think about the root causes of any anger that might be in your children. Dig deep!!

These are the kinds of things you should apologize for.

Okay! Now replace the phrase in Ephesian 5 with one of the phrases above.

Fathers…do not withhold love from your children
Fathers…do not embarrass your children or diminish them
Fathers…do not allow the stresses of life to be misdirected into anger on your children

Do those things make sense? I think that is a good test of something you may want to apologize and clear up with your children.

Now, try that experiment on these statements…

Fathers…do not defend your wife when she is being disrespected by your children
Fathers…do not withhold the car when your child failed a test
Fathers…allow your sons to have girls over to the house without adult supervision

Those don’t make sense do they in the context of Ephesians 5?…Therefore, don’t apologize for those things.

For being focused on a single word, this is a long article. Therefore, I think it is time to move on.

We at Teach Them Diligently see our mission as encouraging you to seize the role God has for you and help you precede with greater confidence as a servant of Christ. We truly do believe that homeschooling when done Biblically will strengthen your family in Christ. Through our media and our events, we endeavor to give you resources to encourage and help you on your way. One such resource I would highly recommend is Leslie’s book on discipleship parenting: Teach Them Diligently, Raising Children of Promise. In it, she walks through what the Bible says about parenting… and there’s a LOT of instruction and insight straight from God’s Word in there. Won’t you pick up a copy today? I truly believe it will be a great help to you and your family.

I also sincerely encourage you to join us next Spring for one of our events. You will not find another conference that focuses so intently on helping you strengthen your relationship with your children and with your God through Biblical homeschooling. You really do need this!



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During the 2018 Teach Them Diligently conventions across the southeast, I was given the privilege to speak to men about homeschooling. Yet during this time, I was curious about what other dads were thinking and struggling within the homeschool life. Well, they wrote down some questions and I told them I would answer them. They cover all kinds of subjects and areas, so get ready for “Answers from the Husband of a Homeschooling Mom”

Today the question comes from Chad!

Any advice on how to restore a broken relationship with a teenage son who you have verbally abused/ignored for 10 years of their life?

Chad I am going to be blunt and honest with you here, so just hang on. In 1989, Cher came out with a song called “If I could turn back time“. The truth is, we can not. Time is not meant to be rewound to a previous part so we can do it again. The progress of time is what keeps up going, striving to be better, and even producing wisdom along the way. One of my favorite quotes from any poem is this :

“Time is the school in which we learn,
Time is the fire in which we burn.” – Calmly We Walk Through This April Day ~ BY DELMORE SCHWARTZ

However, there is something that can be done.


For a dad, it can be hard to do what I am telling you to do. We do not like to admit our failures, shortcomings, or our wrongs. But Chad, that is exactly what you need to do. You need to do that with God first. Let me ask you a question or two.
1. Where are you in your spiritual walk with God?
2. Where do you see yourself in your relationship with God?
3. Where do you see yourself as the spiritual/emotional leader of your family?
4. Seek forgiveness from God for your actions.

Yeah, not easy questions to answer. Those questions are not easy to answer if you are doing everything the best that you can with your family. However, those are questions that we all need to ask ourself and maybe even our spouse on how they see us.


Sit down with your son and ask for his forgiveness. This is one of the hard parts. We can ask for the forgiveness, but it is up to him on whether he will extend it to you. Here is where you may want to talk to him about the questions above and let him answer them in reference to you. The answers may hurt, they may sting, and they may make you feel like trash. Once he sees that you are admitting that you have done these things and are willing and trying to make restitution for the past years, things can start to change. This is the beginning of restoration Chad.

There is no quick and easy reverse to the decisions that we make in life. If there were, I most likely would not be the age that I am now because I would be going back and trying to make everything perfect. Instead, I put my trust and faith in Jesus, read and meditate on His words, attempt to think before speaking and do the best that I can. I am not perfect and neither are you. We will make mistakes, the key is to ask for forgiveness as we go along and not let it build up over the years.

I’ll be praying for you Chad and I hope that many other men reading this will also.

Till next time….
I’m just a Husband of a Homeschooling Mom,

Steve Blackston

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