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Ready or not, the time for starting up the regular routine of homeschool is almost upon us (unless you are one of the many who homeschool year round, so you’re well into your routine already!) :) For the rest of us, back to homeschool time is one of the more exciting few weeks of the year. The prep work is fun; our kiddos are as excited as we are to start the new year; and the whole new homeschool year lies ahead of us full of incredible opportunities with no mistakes in it yet. What an amazing time!!

As part of our celebration of back to homeschool this year, I want to make sure you have plenty of resources to encourage your heart and inspire you as you kick off this brand new adventure.  For those of us who have followed God’s call to home education, the opportunities that lie ahead of us are immense– and wonderful. Just think of the discussions that await us… the discipleship opportunities that will happen every day… the incredible blessing of watching those we love most gain new knowledge and understanding of the world around us … and so much more. We are truly most blessed!

Sometimes, though, heading back to homeschool comes with a bit of trepidation and fear. Satan likes to remind us of failures of days gone by. He tries to make us believe we are ill-equipped, ill-educated, ill-prepared for the task at hand. Yet, we can rest assured that God will never call us to do anything that He will not also equip us to do– and to walk with us through it.

“Be anxious for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made know unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” ~ Phillipians 4:6-7

So, for this back to homeschool, go into it with lots of encouragement and inspiration for your heart as the leader of your tribe. Then, go forth, laser-focused on the mission at hand and with expectation of the many ways God will grow both you and your children in the days ahead. I hope I get to hear all about your adventures in the days ahead. Make sure you connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and other social media platforms, so we can all encourage one another day in and day out.

Resources for Back2Homeschool

Free Ebook– 14 Days of Inspiration Devotionals For HomeschoolersGet instant access to this free 14 day devotional for moms. Each entry can be read in just minutes a day and will help you focus on the Word of God at the beginning of your day. 

Quick Start Guide For A Great Back To Homeschool.This video, featured on Teach Them Diligently 365, gives you some solid instruction and tips whether you are just starting to homeschool this year, or you have been homeschooling for many years. There are 3 things in my quick start guide that I think will be incredibly helpful for you– check it out to see if you agree with me! (While you’re there, you should check out all the TTD365 has to offer! It would be a great addition to your homeschool year, featuring access to more than a thousand audio recordings and over a hundred video mini-workshops, there is more than enough to get you encouraged and focused on your mission all year long!)

Back2Homeschool Conference!!

This year, we are so excited to be presenting the Back2Homeschool virtual conference to help us all be more ready than ever to get back in the swing of things and ready for the new homeschool year at hand. That conference features more than 50 amazing speakers, and more than 65 helpful workshops– all that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home ANYTIME you need a little encouragement and help! This week (July 15-21,) you can get your ticket for that conference for only $19!! After that, the cost is only $25– still an incredible deal. BUT, act soon, because once the conference ends on July 26th, you won’t be able to get a ticket anymore. Click here to learn more and get your EARLY BIRD ticket for only $19 now!


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It’s August! Again. And you’ve got your schoolroom all fixed up and the curtains are pressed. The workboxes are labeled, the unit studies are planned, and everything you need through Christmas is already laminated. Or not.

If your palms are sweaty just thinking about everything you need to get/have finished so your homeschool year can properly begin, relax. Grab a cup of tea/coffee/Trim Healthy beverage of choice and join me for a few minutes. While preschool is my cup of tea, we are actually beginning a weird mesh of kindergarten/first-grade materials alongside tot-school, because little brother wants to learn, too. And frankly, it can all seem like a bit much. Without further adieu, here are my

Top 10 Back-to-Homeschool Preschool Tips:

  •  Stock up on coffee/tea/lemon for water or whatever it is that makes you breathe a sigh of “I can do this”. Not only will these begin your day with a comfort item of your own (because I know little Suzy is not going to share her stuffed ostrich with the pink bow), but when you need a “mommy moment” at some point you will have a favorite treat ready to go while the kids watch an episode of Word World for 15 minutes and you regroup.
  • Get everyone comfy pajamas for the days when you rock the stereotype and keep them on all day while doing school, chores, and having fun growing together as a family.
  • Go ahead and buy the laminator. Office whatever store that is close to you is going to charge you an arm and a leg for all those units, PreK packs, and chore chart cards to be laminated.
  • Don’t think you need a curriculum. Piece together fun things you find, enjoy nature, go to the library, check out all the amazing free printables online! Or get a curriculum if you feel that would work best, but don’t let anyone tell you-you have to have it.
  • Plan preschool activities around your household tasks. Did you know that teaching your child to wash windows in small counter-clockwise circles actually helps their muscles prepare for cursive? Teaching your child the steps to make the bed helps them understand the process of following directions. Baking cookies helps put in pegs for fractions later on. Don’t think it has to come out of a book to be “learning”.
  • Get some good read alouds that you loved or have always wanted to read. Picture books are great for lap reading, but get meaty books for 10-15 minutes of quiet-play read-aloud time each day. We are reading the Dr. Doolittle stories this year along with some others I’ve never taken the time to read. The point is to teach them to listen and eventually to be able to narrate back, so it’s OK to pick something you enjoy.
  • Be prepared. For days to go off track. For sick days and cranky days and days when it’s too sunny or snowy to stay inside. Be prepared for forgotten crock pots, spilt juice, and occasional naps to throw your schedule for a loop. And just go with it. God blesses messes, too. Not every day fits on the “perfect homeschool day” Pinterest board.
  • Try to have a routine. Not necessarily a schedule, but a routine is good for everyone. Let your kids know that mommy has her coffee and reads her Bible for 15 minutes before it’s time to start asking questions about the day. Have a set night of the week for your family’s favorite dinner. Help your kids to know it’s chores followed by school work before it’s playtime. Whatever routine works for your family, give yourself a grace period to figure it out, then nail it down.
  • Play a lot of games. Hide and Seek, Sum Swamp, Super Stretchy ABC’s, CandyLand, etc. Make learning fun for everyone.
  • Each morning, before your feet hit those floppy bunny slippers and head for the caffeine, give the day to Jesus. Give the kids and their hearts and minds to Jesus. Ask for grace and patience and more grace. Thank God that we live in a place where we can teach our children diligently to walk with Him. And then hop on out to begin your day.

What is your number 1 tip for homeschooling preschool?

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I’m Lara, a sinner saved by grace, wife and help-meet to my best friend, John, and homeschooling mama to two bouncing (literally) boys, Teddy and Frederick. Hot tea, good conversations and dark chocolate are some of my favorite things. Grab your favorite mug and join us on our adventures at Lara’s Place and a Cup of Grace!

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Previously, I discussed the classical approach, as it is founded on liberal arts, liberating students from the teacher. Let’s get started with these liberal arts & how you can use them in your homeschool.

The first three liberal arts are called the Trivium. When you use the Trivium, you approach homeschooling in a whole different manner.


The Trivium follows the natural development of a child. When kids are young, you teach them a certain way. As they get older, you teach differently. A 12 year old learns differently than an 18 year old.

What better way to homeschool your kids than to teach according to the way they learn naturally. Let’s start with young kids.

 Grammar Stage

The first liberal art of the Trivium is the grammar stage. These are kids younger than 12 years old. It is a time period when kids naturally acquire & remember knowledge, facts, information.

Grammar is the foundation of all learning; it’s the building block of all types of written and verbal expression. You must have a good grammar foundation to move forward.

Think about language for a moment. The grammar of language (what we call Grammar) is the foundation of writing.

The grammar of geography includes learning states & capitals.

The grammar of science includes learning the life cycle of a frog or the body systems.

The grammar of history includes timelines, events, people.

 In history, children will learn about ancient Egypt culture & famous Pharaohs. As they continue through other time periods, grammar stage students will learn about ancient Greece and significant Grecians, as well as ancient Rome, Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation, Exploration, beginnings of American history, Modernity. They will also learn the order of civilizations as they came on the scene of history.

 Do they need to know how’s and why’s at this stage (or age)?


Their brain is not thinking abstractly. At this time, their brain is very concrete. Their thinking is very concrete. So we want to give them concrete ideas to memorize.

Giving your children a solid education in the grammar stage will also provide the foundational tools of learning, as well as encourage a love of learning.

It’s ironic that up until this century, we called the first schools our kids attended, “Grammar Schools”. In the past, children didn’t go to an elementary school, they attended a “Grammar School”. Grammar schools set a foundation for learning or a foundation for education, for the rest of a child’s life.


Kids at this age love to hear a story over and over. If you’ve ever been around a 5, 6, or 7 year old, they never tire of hearing the same story over and over. Adults tire of the repetition of a story because we think abstractly. Young children love the repetition because they think concretely.

When kids memorize a verse or a song, they will sing that song over and over and over again. They want to share it with everyone around.

My kids listened to the Direct Objects song, by Audio Memory. As my kids got older, they remarked, “I can’t get that out of my head.” My thought was, “That’s the point, it’s in your head. You may not completely understand direct objects, but you know what it does.” As my kids got older, they would say, “Oh! Wow! That makes sense!”

The direct object receives the action, from the verb.

 By the way, I wrote that from memory. It’s been over 10 years since I listened to that song, but I still remember it. That’s the beauty of the grammar stage. Learning information as a young child, so you can use it later to think critically about a variety of topics.


kerry beck - HowToHomeschoolMyChild.comKerry Beck homeschooled all three of her children for 10 years. She is now an empty-nester that encourages homeschool moms online and at live workshops. She wants to give you a free ebook: Everything You Wanted to Know About Homeschooling that you can grab by clicking here.

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