Do You Want David And Leslie To Help You Become A Heart Schooler?

Find the fastest path to a peaceful and more satisfying homeschool.  

Have you caught the vision for Heart Schooling? There are several options that we pray will allow your family to get the help you need right now no matter what stage of life or circumstance you find yourself in. The way you parent and prepare your children for life is too important to leave to chance, and we look forward to helping equip and encourage you any way we can. 


Keep reading to discover the many different ways you can connect with us even more deeply.

Option 1: Heart School Master Class

Go even deeper into the content introduced in Homeschool for the Heart as Leslie walks with you through 15 video lessons explaining what these concepts look like in your own family. This master class also includes a workbook full of worksheets and questions to help you assess where you stand and where you’re going even more fully. 

What you will learn in this Master Class:

  • How natural homeschooling really is.
  • How to get and stay on the same page as your spouse.
  • How to write your own personal definition of homeschooling for your family.
  • How to identify areas of your own life that you would not want to pass on to your children.
  • How to evaluate curriculum to see if it fits the criteria for your family.
  • How to set up your homeschool days with your mission in mind.
  • How to evaluate opportunities and activities to see if they are right for your family right now.
  • How to structure powerful parenting goals to direct your family. 
  • And more!

As part of this Master Class, you’ll get:

  • Over 3 hours worth of Heart School content in bite-sized pieces that you can easily work into your busy schedule.
  • “Work It Out” Worksheets accompanying each lesson to reinforce what was taught through notes and journaling prompts to help you think and work through things that will fundamentally change the way you approach your homeschool, your family, your discipleship, your time management, and so much more.
  • Printables and additional resources to help you go even deeper in your implementation of Heart Schooling.
  • Periodic Live Zoom Q and A Calls to Answer Your Questions.


This self-directed program is designed to help you better understand and implement the Heart School principles in your own family. You can get more details about the Heart School Master Class here.

Option 2: Teach Them Diligently 365 Membership

A membership in Teach Them Diligently 365 is a fantastic add-on to your Heart School experience.  This one-of-a-kind community for homeschool moms has become an integral part of the routine for many members through the years, and we sincerely believe it’s the best place on the internet for moms like you!  

What you will gain by joining TTD365:

  • Access to more than 3,000 on-demand audio and video workshops and resources from Teach Them Diligently events. 
  • Answers to homeschool and parenting/family questions and ideas that you can implement according to the stage of life you’re in.
  • Community activities and opportunities to ensure that you’re connected to a growing and thriving community of like-minded moms who are quick to offer help and support through regular get togethers and conversations in the Teach Them Diligently app. 
  • Connections with other homeschool moms through in-person retreats, gatherings at Teach Them Diligently events, and via Real Moms of TTD365, which is a series of get togethers that are specifically designed to allow members to share their expertise with others. 
  • A place to belong and get encouragement and helps all year long!


A membership in Teach Them Diligently 365 is a great way to connect with other homeschool moms from all around the world, access resources to answer any question or concern you may have whenever you need them, and stay encouraged and focused all year long. 

Learn how a membership in Teach Them Diligently 365 can enhance your Heart School efforts by clicking here

Option 2: Heart School Parenting Intensive

If you’re really serious about growing as a Heart School parent and engaging with your children intentionally and effectively, we invite you to join David and Leslie in the Heart School Parenting Intensive.  This unique opportunity is very limited, but it includes one-on-one mentoring with the Nunnerys, as well as a myriad of exclusive, additional resources to help you strategically approach homeschooling, family management, relationships, and so much more. 

David and Leslie will work with you personally to pass on what they’ve learned in 25 years of marriage, 23 years of parenting, 13 years of homeschooling, and 12 years of ministry to help you achieve the goals you have for your family even more quickly and effectively than they were able to.

The time with our children is short. How we spend it is one of the most important decisions we’ll make in our life-time.

What The Parenting Intensive Involves:

  • Get to know you call with Leslie to help her and David better understand your family’s goals and how they can assist you in meeting them. 
  • Monthly calls with David and Leslie to get your questions answered and to go deeper into any issues you may be struggling with. 
  • Exclusive access to experts and authors. Each month, a different expert will be available for a question and answer time to deal with specific issues that your family or children may be struggling with. This is truly a unique opportunity!
  • Monthly Strategic Focus content to give you specific areas to work on each month.


This is a very limited opportunity available to those who want the most mentorship and coaching. We look forward to talking to you more about it! 

We are eager to get to know you and to see how we can serve your family the best. We have programs available ranging from $99 to $3,000, and there’s a lot of flexibility built in to find the perfect fit for you! Book a call today. 

Get the Confidence You Need

The only way to be confident is clarity on where you are going. But, not just any direction will do . You need the right direction. The wrong direction just leads to more dissatisfaction and spinning your wheels.

We will give you direction and keep you there so you can have the best homeschool days of your life. We have helped thousands of families over the last 10 years to do just that.

Get More Done In a Day

You need simplicity! You can have only one top goal, not two or five or ten top goals at the same time. By simplifying your days you will remove overwhelm and the feeling of how am I going to get it all done.

You need help! It is hard to stay on track without someone to help you remove distraction and focus on what is important. We specialize in helping you push your top priority through to everything you do. Evaluate your day by our benchmarks informed by your priority.

Prioritize Your Relationship

What is more important to you? Your relationships with your loved ones or getting done the next chapter in curriculum. Academics or the heart of your child? You shouldn’t have to choose!

We won’t let you run past your relationships and not focus on them. When families focus on their children’s hearts and the relationships within their home, academic excellence will follow. Therefore, we will help you have both better relationships and successful academics.

You Aren't Meant To Be Alone

God made us to function best when we have help—when we have a community. You need others that will keep you accountable, support you, love you, and direct you.

As important as our guidance will be to you, the community will be just as important. We were made to be with others. We offer a supportive community of Christian homeschoolers that get you.