You’re Raising Daniels And Esthers

My heart has been drawn to all of our Daniels and Esthers this week.

This election week, I have read both the book of Esther and started Daniel in my devotions. As I’ve been reading, the Lord has drawn my attention to how neither of them found themselves in places they wanted to be, but for both of them God had them placed exactly where they NEEDED to be, and He used them despite the unfair, unwanted political climate they found themselves in.

When these biblical heroes faced a trial of faith and an opportunity to stand, what they had been taught held firm.

Have you ever stopped to consider that? Daniel and Esther had people at home to teach them diligently in the ways of God, so they were equipped to stand when their moment of trial and opportunity came.

What you are doing in your home is more important than anything else going on in the world today. You are chosen and privileged to teach your children to know God and why they should love and trust Him, to love people, to think Biblically and critically, and more.

Who knows how God will use your Daniels and Esthers in the days to come!

It is so important that we as parents take our jobs seriously, invest in making sure we are equipped and growing in such a way as to pass our faith on to our children. The stakes have never been higher! 

I wrote Heart School for exactly the purpose of helping you do that— to help you get excited about the privilege you have as a parent and a homeschooler, to help you be ready for the questions that will come, to build strong relationships within your family, and to raise the Daniels and Esthers that will be so needed in the days to come. Please, please join me there today– I can’t overstate how important it is or how much it will help you refine your vision and recapture your joy for parenting and homeschooling. Go to for more details and to join the class today.

With Love 💕 and Prayers,

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