Worldwide Tentmakers Ministry Update- How Your Support of Teach Them Diligently Supports God’s Work Around The World

Our family founded Teach Them Diligently as a means to help support our mission work with Worldwide Tentmakers. Our prayer from the beginning has been that God’s incredible grace and love would be manifested through everything we say and do, for we serve a great and wonderful Lord. If we don’t display His love for others– even those who hurt us or with whom we vehemently disagree– how can we ever expect to win them?

The path God has given us to walk over the past several years producing TTD has been a rocky one. He has led us through deep valleys, but He has never forsaken us. We have sailed on rocky seas, but every time God has calmed those storms and shown His power in very real ways. We stand amazed and humbled at the opportunities He has given to serve Him. We pray that if you have attended a Teach Them Diligently in the past you have felt His Spirit at the event and through the work, and we are praying that He will impress on even more families to attend Teach Them Diligently  in 2015.

It has proven difficult to really convey how much your participation in Teach Them Diligently actually impacts lives around the world. Not only are we partnering with many “change the world” sponsors this year– Feed The Hungry, Small World Adoption, Operation Christmas Child, and others, a portion of every dollar you spend with Teach Them Diligently also goes directly into the international mission endeavors of Worldwide Tentmakers. We wanted to give you an update about what God has done throughout the last year through the tentmaker’s ministries:

Worldwide Tentmakers

Year End Update From Worldwide Tentmakers

If you have been following our ministry closely, you know that Worldwide Tentmakers has been involved in ministries in the Far East, Africa, Europe, and to families here in the United States.  However, many of the recent updates have revolved around our ministry in Poland.  Since October 2012, the Lord has greatly blessed our preschool in Poland. It has grown to 43 students and is well-established in Southern Poland. It has proven to be a successful business that is now helping to support the mission board, and it also provides a great platform for our other ministries in Poland. These additional ministries revolve mostly around summer camps for English as a Second Language, families, teens, as well as parenting conferences. This past summer the Lord blessed these camps with 14 Salvation decisions. We have also started weekly Bible Studies with the intent of planting a church. We are now moving forward with purchasing the building that our school is in which will hold a maximum of 88 students. Additionally, we are also praying through a strategy of replicating the ministry in Poland in other cities and countries in Europe. If you are interested in helping us replicate this ministry, please contact us through email.  The ministry in Poland has proven a strategy the Lord laid on our hearts several years ago based around based on the following Biblical principles for Tentmaking:

  • Using the Marketplace
  • Providing a Need or Desire to open opportunity
  • Use what you know or have in your hand

Since 1987, much of our involvement overseas has touched on education in some way.  We train individuals and promote Tentmaking as a viable missions strategy. Recently, my speaking and teaching schedule has picked up over the last six months, and our Marketplace Ministries/Tentmaking Curriculum is expected to publish next calendar year. If you are interested in inviting us to speak on Marketplace Ministry or Tentmaking please contact our OFFICE. We recruit ESL teachers for short term contracts in the Far East and at our preschool in Poland. Finally, Worldwide Tentmakers is also involved in large family discipleship conventions held throughout the USA for homeschoolers.  Approximately, 40,000 people participate in these events, and we have been able to initiate numerous relationships with curriculum companies through these events. Below are some initiatives we hope to encourage you to partner with us here at the end of 2014…