World Watch Review

World Watch News is a new platform from World News Group that is particularly beneficial for educational and family settings. Each weekday, you can stream a ten-minute newscast covering the day’s top news stories and special interest stories in ways that make everything very easy for children of all ages to understand.

Some of the things that I really appreciate about World Watch is that though it is conservative by nature, they truly use the platform to report the news without a lot of editorial commentaries to accompany it. They give you the facts and then allow you as a family to discuss these issues and topics. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to teach your kids to critically think about what they hear. You’re also able to take these news elements and use them to foster incredible conversations throughout the day.

There’s a whole lot more available within World Watch than just the current events stories that they cover. In every single broadcast, they have special interest stories as well, and I encourage you to take advantage of their huge library of videos that you could use to enhance your home school efforts. Whether you’re studying geography, biology, or just want to know how something is made, you’re likely to find an incredibly interesting video in their featured topics vault.

In addition to the captivating topics they cover, they also have stories about more difficult topics. You’re going to want to cover these with your children as they get older, so you can help them be equipped for how to think their way through these things and what to do with them. World Watch gives you a great tool to help them understand what God’s Word has to say about the ugly things that happen in a sin-filled world.

If we as parents aren’t taking the time to fully equip our kids to think and to work their way through the things that happen in the world they’re going to leave our homes and not have a foundation to stand on which is another reason why World Watch news is a fantastic resource for homeschool families. They give you topics to discuss and even present the issues in ways you’ll be comfortable with regardless of your child’s age.

Get a 30-day free trial of World Watch when you visit WorldWatch.Net/TTD. I’m sure that within that thirty days, you’re going a find that it so enriches your home school efforts that you are going to definitely want to extend that subscription and keep World Watch as part of your home school all year long.

There’s one final reason I encourage you to join World Watch. The conversations with my children from watching these videos have been really insightful and encouraging. You can use these current events to see how your kids think.

As your kids are getting older, especially learning how they think about things and then being able to kind of tweak it as they are growing up, help them learn to think biblically and critically about issues rather than listening to all the noise of the world just buying into a worldview that is being tossed at him day in and day out is something really important for you to do, and this is an excellent tool for you to do it!

Get your free 30-day trial at Worldwatch.News/TTD today!

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