Why Homeschooling Works So Well for Discipling Your Children | 299

In this episode, David and Leslie dive into a practical discussion on why homeschooling works so effectively as a tool for discipleship-focused families. As we’ve seen time and again, homeschooling provides a unique opportunity to shape our children’s hearts and minds in alignment with biblical principles. Tune in as David and Leslie unpack some compelling reasons why homeschooling can be such a powerful choice for your family’s journey of faith and education.

Key Takeaways:

  • David and Leslie will revisit the importance of focusing on the right mission: discipling your children and pointing them to Christ. 
  • They discuss the challenges of cultural forces that separate families and parents from their children. 
  • They explore how homeschooling allows for more parental involvement, which research shows is crucial for a child’s success, both academically and emotionally. 

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