When Hope Gets Messy | 155

Today’s podcast will cover some difficult topics and we believe it will give a lot of hope to parents who may find themselves in situations where their children are struggling with anxiety, depression, or even suicidal ideation.  As David and Leslie’s children have gotten older, they have come to realize the depth of the issues young people today are faced with, regardless of how solid their own foundation at home.  Even if your own children don’t struggle with any of these things, we can almost guarantee that some of their friends will, so educating yourself on these issues and how to combat them in a way that will maintain relationships and allow you to continue to have a platform to shepherd hearts is incredibly important.

Meet the Guest:

Lori Wildenberg is the mom of a daughter who has wrestled with depression, and she’s passionate abut helping parents help their children. Lori is a licensed parent and family educator, national speaker, parent coach, and author or coauthor of 6 parenting books, and I’m thrilled to have her joining us today. 

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Today’s episode is brought to you by Alpha Omega Publications.  Forty-five years ago, AOP began its mission to educate, inspire, and change lives  through curriculum that promotes academic excellence and Christian  values. Today, they’re proud to be a part of the homeschool journey and  countless memories for thousands of families. Discover the benefits of a  Christian homeschool education and learn more about AOP’s award-winning  homeschool options today at aop.com or call them at 800-622-3070!

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