What A Weekend!

Can you imagine spending a three-day weekend with 2,800 FAMILIES who love God, love their families, and love America, singing, praying, having fun and investing in their children’s faith, character, and education? No imagination necessary… I saw it today with my own eyes as I spoke to them at the Teach Them Diligently homeschool conference in Pigeon Forge, TN! These families are next-level inspiring…Kirk Cameron after joining us this weekend. Click here to see the video of 4,000+ singing praise to God before his keynote yesterday.

This weekend was amazing, and we’re so grateful for all who joined us there. Speakers, exhibitors and attendees alike grew together, learned together, laughed together, and more; and God’s presence was evident through it all.

In the words of those who were there, we wanted to share some amazing things that happened or that we learned this weekend to encourage your heart as well.

  • What stood out to one homeschool mama was “the feeling of hope being surrounded by so many like-minded homeschool families. It gives me hope that we can save the next generation!”
  • “That I’m really not the only one who thinks she’s failing! Todd Wilson’s new personality test is so good! I really felt seen!”
  • “Trusting in the Lord eases every area of life: marriage, parent child relationships, and homeschooling! If we are trusting Him our burden is light, He will fill in all the gaps and use every bit or this for His glory & kingdom! I forget this soooo often.”
  • We learned that one of the TTD365 community groups has “fan girl Fridays” every week where they celebrate something they love about their husband by bragging about him to their group— and to him!
  • “Experienced convention friends encouraged me that the convention may not go quite according to my plan but that the Lord may have something different in store and that’s exactly what happened. I feel like I had my plan in place and the Lord changed it so that I heard the sessions I needed to hear and talked to the vendors I needed to talk to, not just “wanted” to hear and I’m grateful for His better plan. (And thankful I’m part of 365 so I can listen to the ones I missed!) I was so encouraged by the sessions, vendors, and my 365 friends as I am still new to this journey. They encouraged me in the things the Lord has been laying on my heart. It was good to know I’m going to fail and grow and won’t always make the “perfect” curriculum purchase but that when I stand before the Lord He’s not going to ask what curriculum I used but how I looked after my kids’ hearts. I’m so thankful for TTD – David, Leslie, family and staff – for the focus on homeschooling for the heart. Looking forward to next year!”
  • “What stood out to me and my husband most was Kirk Cameron when he said, “Those who teach our children control our future!!”  WOW. This is even more true today.”
  • “I love how there was such a focus on relationships- both God and with family. I also loved singing praise to the Lord with that many people at once.”
  • “I observed so many grandparents involvement with attending convention with their children. I totally see us doing the same, showing support and helping when we are blessed to be grandparents.”
  • “You don’t have to be a perfect mom to be one that God is going to use.” (Heidi St John)
  • THANK YOU for a wonderful weekend! This was our 7th TTD event, I believe, and was our absolute favorite! Thank you for making adjustments in real time to make the event run as smoothly as possible. Thank you for serving the Lord and his people. TTD is no doubt a tool that is helping equip families to homeschool and disciple a generation of young people that will leave an imprint on the world for Christ! I pray the Lord’s blessing and rest over each of you!

Our team is so grateful for all that God did this weekend. We’ve received testimonies of hearts and minds that were changed, lives that were transformed, and hope that was given.

If you missed us this year, make your plans now to join us next time. There is nothing you can do that will strengthen your resolve, build your confidence, and encourage your heart as a homeschooling family more than attending Teach Them Diligently and joining us in TTD365. (Psst— If you look in the Pigeon Forge section of the TTD app, or click here, you can still get your ticket for next year’s event at the onsite rate.

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