Discipleship Gifts for Our Children

October is the birth month of my two oldest children. This October, my boys are turning 18 and 16, and I wanted to share a very special gift I make for all my children to celebrate their 16th birthday. The response I have gotten from this has been overwhelming.

Edited to Add: I’ll work my way through at least 1 Legacy Bible while we all go through the Bible Recap together in 2024. I hope you’re planning to join us! I’ll answer questions and share how I’m approaching the Bible as I go. Additionally, Tricia Goyer and I are planning to release a book about Legacy Bibles in 2024, so stay tuned for more details about that upcoming project.


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Praying scriptures for your children printable.

Search for Journaling Bibles (The One I bought for my oldest is on sale for 1/2 price right now! 🙂 

Chap Bettis (a TTD2018 speaker!!) Has written a book called the Donut Date Journal: 70 Questions To Connect You To Your Child’s Heart.

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