Identity and Intro to Becoming The Mom You Want Your Children To Have | 1

Becoming the Mom You Want Your Children to Have…

This week, let’s talk about some foundational elements of that… you know, I always start there, right?!? 🙂

Be sure to weigh in on the group within TTD365 and start thinking in terms of your goals for this series– what do you want your children to think of when they think of you as mom? We’re going to have some great conversations in that forum, and I’m excited to get to know you better there!

Also, the live meetups!!! I’ll tell you just a bit about those– I hope many of you can join us for the 2 we are working on right now!

Additional Resources:

  • PRINTABLE RESOURCE40 Essential Verses about Your Identity. Keep these handy… study them.  Write them in a journal… Commit them to memory… You are so secure, so loved, so forgiven, and so empowered because of Jesus!! What a joy to know Him and be known by Him!!  Click here to download that list now.
  • PRINTABLE RESOURCE AND ARTICLE— This is an article I wrote last year about the Overcomer Movie, and it contains a printable and discussion guide to talk to your children about identity as well. It seems even more applicable and relevant in these crazy days than it did last fall when I released it. Click here to read that now.
  • If you’re enjoying this video,  I hope you’ll consider joining us here year round! Click here to get more information and join the best homeschool resources community in the country today.

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