Bible Study | 5

This week in the Becoming The Mom You Want Your Children To Have series, we’re discussing Bible Study– both the Why’s and the How’s. Leslie shares many different approaches to Bible Study in the video– and even reads from her own journal from when she was 18 to show one strategy. (The first 12 minutes or so of the video give Biblical reasons for Bible study and things to think about. After that, it’s all ideas and practical information.)

Additional Resources

  • This week’s Worksheet— including details about the SOAP method of Bible Study.
  • This video was part of a 15-week series about Becoming The Mom You Want Your Children to have. TTD365 Members can access the entire series here.
  • Building a Biography of God through the Psalms. I discussed this in the video, but I can’t recommend highly enough that you actually do this. It will enlarge your vision of Who God is so much, and it will make your relationship with Him much more personal. Read every verse and ask the question, “God is my…?” or “God is…?” Then, write that out– go as deep as you can to explain it. In the video I read how my 18-year old self recognized God as my night light… listen in to hear why. 🙂 Find a worksheet I created to help you get started here.
  • After a study together in the fall of 2023, Mardi Collier joined Leslie for Real Moms to talk about how she wrote the book “What do I know about my God” which shows you how to create a biography of God. Click here to watch that now.
  • Bible study schedules/plans:
    • Inside the TTD App, we will be reading through God’s Word in 2024 and discussing what God is teaching us together using The Bible Recap. Please let us know in the main TTD365 messaging group if you want to be added to that study. Jump in anytime! We’d love to have you.
    • The family devotions guide I shared covers 1 Chapter a Day, covering the entire Bible in a year (though not every chapter, of course.) (PS… I DO intend to finish the study guide one day, but it does give you 9-weeks of discussion points now.)
    • Chronological Reading Plan— I love to read God’s Word through this way. It lines everything up and adds a lot of richness of context to what you’re reading.
    • 52-week plan, where you read from a different part of the Bible every day of the week. I have done this, but honestly, it feels a little disjointed for my personality, so I generally end up finishing a column before starting another one.
    • Read through the Bible at your own pace. This is a printable that helps you track what you read, but it doesn’t really tell you where to start or where to move. It’s a handy help for moving around God’s Word if your intent is to read all of it.
  • Journible–These beautiful journals will prompt you to write your way through scripture and then make note of what God taught you through your study. I have done a TON of these… maybe we can all write the entire NT together one of these days! 🙂 Click here to learn more about Journibles and to see which ones are available.
  • Teach Them Diligently Book. This is a biblically-based, practical parenting guide. It is good as a supplement to your study.
  • Wilds Bible Studies— I showed several of these in the video. They are great resources if you’re looking for a question-based study. They are also awesome for teens (and they have junior ones as well) in case you want to get some for your kiddos to start building a Bible study habit in them. I worked at the Wilds for 4 summers, and the impact on my life from serving there is impossible to overstate. I recommend them highly.
  • Journals— Track what God is teaching you… physically write down your devotions, your prayers, and more in your journal. You’ll be so glad you did when you look back through the years and see all that God has patiently taught you along the way!
  • Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling.
  • Helpful article on building your hunger for God’s Word.

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Bible Study for Really Busy Mamas by Pam Forster

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