Utilizing Preschool Printables

Utilizing Preschool Printables

Many parents wonder if homeschooling a preschooler can be done. Yes it can!  Preschoolers are hands on and visual, so you can include printables which encourages them to use their fine motor skills.

A good example of a free and easy preschool printable would be a picture of a butterfly covered in circles. Encourage them to use a bingo dotter to fill in those circles. It’s a great way to build their skills as well as listening skills.

File folder games are also wonderful resources for preschoolers. You can find many of them for free online. Usually it’s best to print these kinds of printables on cardstock so that you can laminate them and reuse them without them tearing. File folder games could be numbers, letters, shapes, etc.

Does your child love lacing activities? This is a perfect fine motor skills activity. Again, much like file folders, print out lacing printables on cardstock and laminate so that the holes will not tear. You can use yarn, old shoelaces, etc. for the lacing.

If you want to encourage early writing without the use of an actual pencil, print out pages with preschool letters and numbers and have them glue any object you have available to decorate it to make it really stand out. Objects could be beans, crumbled tissue paper, cereal pieces, buttons, beads, etc.

Is your preschooler learning to cut? There are wonderful free printables out there encouraging cutting from beginner skills to advance. An example of beginner cutting skills printables is straight lines, curvy lines, etc.

Lapbooks are also great resources and offers a variety of printables to put the lapbook together. Whether your topic is insects or circus animals, you may be surprised at what is available to download and print. Some cost a low price, but you can also find free printable lapbook pages.

Other great preschool printables can include simple coloring pages, connect the dots, tracing, watercolors, and more. There is so much out there, you just have to search to find it. My favorite resource for finding all things preschool related is Pinterest. It’s becoming widely used and popular so it’s filling up with rich resources for homeschoolers ranging from preschool to high school.