What is TTD Live Livestream and what is included with my ticket?

Our TTDLive Livestream ticket is a combination of live-streamed videos from our TTDLive events. This ticket will give you access to our TTDLive live-streamed videos for EACH TTDLive event in 2022. You will be able to view the live-streamed sessions up to 60 days after they have been live-streamed. This is a great option if you are unable to physically join us at our TTDLive events. We will livestream one session per hour during the events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to make each conference an informative and
valuable event for you.

The live event will start at 9am and end at 6:00pm. The livestream will run one session per hour, except during lunch. You can find the specific event below.

Besides the obvious video feed vs in-person experience, we are live-streaming only one session per hour. The livestream will provide access to all three events, but only one room per hour. This means that we will rotate sessions at each of the TTD Live Events so there shouldn’t be any duplicate sessions livestreamed. Plus, you will have access for 60 days to all livestream sessions to watch at your convenience.

If you can not make it to the live in-person event, the next best thing is watching the livestream of the speakers on stage. This is not a collection of info provided across a desk on a Zoom call. The live stream will be from stage in front of a live audience. The delivery from the speakers and the energy from the audience can not be matched, and you will benefit even while watching from home.

This event will focus on encouraging and challenging parents. At this time of year, it’s easy to get mired in the day to day activities of homeschooling and life in general. We hope this day of refreshment will help to refocus you on the importance of your mission and build your excitement about the privilege of parenting and discipling your children as God called you to do.

We are focusing on strengthening homeschool families as they begin this school year. As Homeschoolers we have the opportunity to disciple and teach our children in a way that others may not. Which makes it all the more important that we know What we are doing; How we should be doing it; and What we stand to gain by doing it.

Each speaker touches on a specific aspect of homeschooling and family that when put together will thoroughly equip parents to strengthen their families. As you will see from our speaking schedule—which can be seen on this webpage(coming soon)—the speakers address reaching the heart of your families as well as the day to day function of running a homeschool successfully.

What a great idea!! Gather some friends together to make an event out of the live streams. You’ll get the same benefit of fellowship and fun that can be found at the actual event. You will all want to have a ticket, though, so you have access to the recordings in the days ahead.

This event will provide substantial opportunity to speak with experts and speakers.

All sessions will be recorded and available through a TTD365 membership, along with every session ever recorded at each event over the last 10 years! You can also purchase a live stream ticket that will give you access to every live-streamed session for each TTD Live event up to 60 days after the event.

Teach Them Diligently LiveStream Speakers

Dr. Kathy Koch

Celebrate Kids

With a passion for being an influence and for helping build strong and healthy families, Dr. Kathy writes (6 books and counting) and speaks (a lot and often) on a wide range of topics that are both timeless and current. Her humorous and easy-to-learn-from speaking style, foundational wisdom, and practical and relevant details leave her audiences empowered with strategies to navigate the challenges of raising and teaching children. She warmly speaks to young people and their adults with compassion and understanding, never shying away from tough topics in our current culture. Her messages are always beautifully woven with Biblical truth and hope.

Mark Hancock

Trail Life, USA

Mark Hancock is the CEO of Trail Life USA – a husband and father of two boys, he has served as a pastor, educator, counselor, homeschool dad, entrepreneur, and mentor. He has received two Masters Degrees in the Mental Health Counseling field, worked in private practice and taught at secular and Christian colleges. Mark’s background in education, counseling, and mentoring provide unique insights for homeschooling, practical tools for parenting, and pertinent tips for molding godly and courageous young men. An award-winning writer, he has been featured numerous times on James Dobson’s FamilyTalk program, and was recognized by the American Family Association as one of the ‘40 Faithful’.

DSC_0110 - Office Assistant

Todd Wilson

The Smiling Homeschooler

TODD WILSON, is a dad, grand dad, writer, conference speaker, and former pastor. As founder of Familyman Ministries and the Smiling Homeschooler, his passion and mission are to remind dads and moms of what’s most important through weekly e-mails, seminars, and books and products that encourage parents.

Jeff Reep, M.Ed., CPCC

Cedarville University

Jeff is presently the Director of Career Services, Adjunct Faculty and CU LEADership Instructor at Cedarville University. Jeff and his wife Criss have homeschooled their 5 boys as well as conducted marriage mentoring for college students. Previously he coached collegiate basketball for 22 years which included eleven years at NCAA Division I, New Mexico State University. Jeff was twice named NCCAA Regional Coach of the Year and recognized as the Staff Member of the Year. He is a Certified Professional Career Coach and has a wealth of experience that he brings to Career Services and the classroom. Jeff is a gifted teacher with an ability to make the complex simple.
Stephen Ashton Headshot Closeup

Stephen Ashton

Trail Life USA

Stephen Ashton is the National Director of Marketing for Trail Life USA and serves as an adjunct professor at Clarks Summit University and Anchor Christian University. Prior to his work at Trail Life, he spent 15 years working with at-risk youth in residential therapeutic wilderness programs and served as the Vice-President of the Wilderness Road Therapeutic Camping Association.

An author and a speaker, he has written for journals and published a book chronicling the foundations of therapeutic camping. He frequently speaks on the topics of fatherhood, biblical masculinity, outdoor education, and wilderness therapy. Stephen lives in South Carolina with his wife and 4 sons.

Dr. Steve Pettit

Bob Jones University

Steve Pettit is the fifth president of Bob Jones University. Pettit is the first president in the University’s history not related to nationally known evangelist and BJU founder Bob Jones Sr. Pettit received a BS in Business Administration from The Citadel in 1978 and an MA in Pastoral Studies from BJU in 1980. Prior to being elected BJU president, he served for 29 years as president of the Steve Pettit Evangelistic Association. With a deep burden for this generation of young people, Pettit devotes a large portion of his ministry to inspiring young people to pursue relational discipleship while reflecting a commitment to godly living. A gifted communicator and expositor of the Scriptures, Pettit regularly speaks at BJU and in churches, Christian schools, colleges, camps and conferences

David Nunnery Headshot

David Nunnery

Teach Them Diligently

David Nunnery is the founder and president of Teach Them Diligently Convention and Transform Publishing. He also serves as the president of a mission’s organization called Worldwide Tentmakers. He’s the author of countless articles about parenting, discipleship, and missions as well as the recently published Transform Journal on Thanksgiving in the Psalms and the upcoming Thanksgiving In Paul’s Epistles.

Leslie Nunnery

Teach Them Diligently

Leslie is the homeschool mom of 4 children, 3 of which have already graduated and are pursuing God’s plan for the rest of their lives. She is the cofounder of Teach Them Diligently and is the author of several books and classes including most notably Teach Them Diligently, Raising Children of Promise and Heart School, which helps homeschool families thrive by seeing homeschooling as a great tool for discipleship and good parenting.  You can connect with Leslie at Teach Them Diligently events, through their podcast and blog, as well as through the free Teach Them Diligently app.

Ginny Yurich

1000 Hours Outside

Hi! I’m Ginny.  My husband Josh and I are parents to five children ages 12 and under and we reside in Southeast Michigan.  Throughout our journey of parenthood we have consistently seen city, county, and state parks, as well as trails, campsites, and nature-scapes in general, nearly devoid of children most of the time. About five years ago we started to ask ourselves a simple question: Why? With so much natural beauty all around us (even though we take it for granted at times) it seemed counterintuitive that so many outdoor spaces were just empty.

With that question of “why” still unanswered, we did some research and read that striving for a goal of 4-6 hours of outside time within a day (what!?!?) was an ideal amount of time for children to spend, well, outside. This seemed excessive to us and quite frankly, way too long – most children’s activities are at most an hour (like a library program) and, many times, much less. BUT, we tried it. And you know what? We have not looked back. Our greatest times as a family, and my most successful times mothering almost exclusively point back to these fully immersive nature days. In time, we began to find that there is benefit upon benefit to this wonderful time outside. 
Kim Sorgius

Kim Sorgius

Not Consumed Ministries

A 20+ year homeschool veteran, Kim Sorgius is passionate about helping families grow in faith so they are NOT CONSUMED by life. Her practical sessions will inspire and equip you to homeschool without feeling overwhelmed by circumstances. Kim loves combining her teaching experience with her M.Ed. in Curriculum Development to create incredible resources for families.

Stormoen Vicki

Vicki Stormoen

Heritage Christian School

Vicki has been homeschooling since 1994. She and her husband, Ron, have been blessed with nine children, seven of whom have graduated from Heritage Christian School, a California PSP (private school satellite program for Christian homeschoolers). She is still homeschooling her remaining two children through Heritage Christian School where she also serves as the school Principal. Vicki teaches homeschool literature and writing classes through Heritage Christian School and is a former Classical Conversations tutor. She has spoken at many local homeschool events and conferences and is passionate about the vision of private Christian homeschooling as a means to raise a godly generation for the glory of God.

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