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Recommended Videos

There are lessons to learn simply from making bread. This week, we’re going to talk about what it means to be over-kneaded by taking a closer look at the bread-making process.   Watch Video

Homeschool Styles – Charlotte Mason 
This week we’ll chat with Sonya Shafer of Simply Charlotte Mason and dive into the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling – what it means and how it might fit in your homeschool.  Watch Video/members/video/homeschool-styles-charlotte-mason/

End of the Year Record Keeping 
What in the world do you do with all those papers you collect in your homeschool? What is the best way to file the ones you keep? We’ll discuss all of that and more as we look at the very end of the year in this week’s conversation.  Watch Video

Nope, You Can’t Do Everything 
It’s a common struggle for moms in general, but homeschool moms seem to really be hit with a sense guilt over what we do and don’t do. Are we really called to be involved in EVERY good opportunity we are presented? Let’s talk about that!   View Video


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