Welcome to Teach Them Diligently 365

Hey, homeschool mama, welcome to this special place on the internet. I am so glad you’re here!

You have just  taken an important step in your homeschool career, investing in resources and community to help you grow and thrive as a homeschool mama. I know how hard it is to invest in yourself, but really this is an investment your entire family will benefit from.

In most professional fields, you would be required to take continuing education classes to stay up to date and connected. I like to think of this membership as a continuing education class for your career as a homeschool parent.


For, you are a professional! You have the greatest job in the world- to parent and educate those precious children God has given you. A job that is far too often under appreciated and under valued in the world we live in. But there is no higher call!

This membership community will give you access to thousands of resources plus an iron-sharpens-iron, super fun community in which you can get mentoring and fellowship all year long. Our prayer is that your confidence and resolve in the mission you’re investing your life in will grow as you plug in and invest in this platform.

But just like any good investment, your return will have much to do with how much you put in. You will benefit so much more from this membership as you engage more. There is so much to be enjoyed here, but you will only find the connections, support, and encouragement as you plug in. Commit to making the investment of time and energy here, and you will reap a return that is double fold or more. 

Invest the time to get involved in a community group and discussion groups. Grow together with other homeschool mamas who are in the trenches just like you.

Commit to watch the weekly videos and streaming the audio workshops as you need them. There is so much incredible content right here waiting for you that I promise you won’t run into a homeschool (or likely family) scenario that help isn’t right within this site.

What all is waiting for you? I’m so glad you asked! I would love to tell you how to get plugged in and start taking advantage of your return on investment right now. 

We’ve built TTD365 as resource to help you every day as a homeschool mom.  In addition to the thousands of audio and video resources, you will also find a safe place for making Homeschool Connections and becoming part of a close knit homeschool community of like-minded families as passionate about Biblical Home Education as you are. We’ll chat together in our timeline as well as in our private groups and forums, and if you have questions, we’ll find answers together!

To get started, watch the video above for a quick overview. Check out some of my favorite sessions below. Then use the search bar in the middle of the page  to explore the content that’s most relevant to you!

Here is a quick start guide to the pages you’ll want to visit:

  • TTD365 APP!!— We are so excited to be able to make all the TTD365 resources and community more accessible through the new app. Download yours today!  If you want a brief tutorial for setting it up, click here.
  • Timeline– This is where the conversation happens among members. Be sure to check it every day! Just like with FB or IG, you can use the @ to tag someone specific in your post. Stop in and introduce yourself today.
  • TTD365 Audio/Video Vault— This page houses all the resources. At the top, you will see more recent offerings, and in the middle of the page, you can search the thousands of resources available in audio or video form.
  • Groups— There are groups available for many different purposes. Learn more about our community groups and request to join one here. 
  • Members— Make connections with other like-minded homeschooling families here. 
  • Profile— This is where we can get to know you a bit. Have fun decorating it and posting some pictures.  You can access this via the dropdown or in the menu above.

Recommended Videos

TTD365 Vision 2020– Becoming Families On Mission                 As we approach 2020, we’ll discuss the vision for the 365 community and our theme of Families on Mission. Throughout this year, we’ll discover a mission we can all get behind and explore a lot of methods that work to enable you to accomplish that mission even better! I can hardly wait to see what God has in store for all of us together!   Watch Video

There are lessons to learn simply from making bread. This week, we’re going to talk about what it means to be over-kneaded by taking a closer look at the bread-making process.   Watch Video

End of the Year Record Keeping 
What in the world do you do with all those papers you collect in your homeschool? What is the best way to file the ones you keep? We’ll discuss all of that and more as we look at the very end of the year in this week’s conversation.  Watch Video

Nope, You Can’t Do Everything 
It’s a common struggle for moms in general, but homeschool moms seem to really be hit with a sense guilt over what we do and don’t do. Are we really called to be involved in EVERY good opportunity we are presented? Let’s talk about that!   View Video

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