What is a Together Retreat?

We have designed Together Retreats for you, homeschool mom. It’s your invitation to come away a bit from the normal daily activities of life, to allow you to rest, rejuvenate, and reconnect with other like-minded homeschool moms.

Sound like something you could use? We thought so! (Cause we need it too 😉)

  • Small group of moms —10-20 of us
  • Retreats are held Thursday afternoon through Saturday mid morning
  • Accommodations are at a Airbnb home, Inn, or at a host’s house. *NOTE: most places are double bed occupancy.
  • Food is done through potluck/signup type style, everyone brings a little something for the menu
  • Leslie has some content planned to get conversations started and to point you to Jesus. But in general, it is pretty low key. We’ll have some time together, of course, where we’ll share our testimonies, what God is teaching us and how He’s stretching us, etc., but we’ll also have ample time for you to sit and be still if you need to– or to play and hang out with friends.   



A peak into a Together Retreat


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Why Come to a Retreat?

See what others are saying.

"I loved hanging out with like-minded homeschool moms at the retreat. There is just an amazing connection that happens when your big goals are the same as another mom."

"The retreat was a perfect mix of laughter and serious Bible-pointing talk possible"

"As an introvert I was a bit worried about coming to a retreat but I found myself surrounded by fellow introverts just like myself. Thankfully the extroverts were along to keep things lively LOL. (if you know, you know) wink"

Questions about 365 Together Retreats

The Retreat Host creates a menu which we put in a Google Doc. You let the hosts know what you’d like to bring and they will sign you up. 🙂 

We ask about allergies at sign up. While some foods on the menu may match your diet others may not. Feel free to bring food to suit your needs. 

Yes, nursing infants are more than welcome. In fact, they are a highlight of the retreat. Everyone loves to help you hold them. 🙂 

Definitely. Together Retreat makes a GREAT gift for another homeschool mama! (Remember, she also needs to be a 365 members.)  Send us a message, and we’ll let you know how.

Tennessee - September 2023

Lebanon, Tennessee on September 14th -16th, 2022.

We have reserved 2 Beautiful Deluxe Cabins for this weekend. Each Cabin is equipped with linens and towels so you are able to fully relax and rejuvenate without worrying about what to pack. Surrounded by nature of the state park we will rest, relax, and have a great time fellowshipping.


Retreat host is Cari

Texas - October 2023

Lott, Texas on October 12th-14th. We will be staying at the gorgeous Post Oak Lodge, an Airbnb hosted by a fellow homeschool mama. It is tucked into a quaint area of trees, making it the perfect palace for a retreat. The house also has a piano!!  (You know that means there will be some praising Jesus / hymn singing going on here)

Retreat Host is Stacy

Tennessee - October 2023

Jamestown, TN on October 12th-14th. We will be staying at 2 deluxe cabins inside the beautiful Pickett CCC Memorial State Park. These cabins have access to dozens of hiking trails, a lake, and lots of other activities! Come ready to relax, renew, and fellowship!

Retreat host is Kristen

Ohio - October 2023

Sugar Creek, Ohio on October 5th-7th. We plan to stay at the cutest Amish Homestead with a pond, rowboat, and swings! October in Ohio, atop a countryside hill, in Amish Country, is only made better surrounded by friends. Join Us!

Retreat host is Erma

South Carolina - January 2023

Greenville, South Carolina on November 9th-11th.  We would be staying at Leslie’s parents cottage in Greenville. A beautiful house with a pool and hot tub on the property.  A piano and plenty of comfy places to sit and visit. 

Retreat host is Brandy