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You Were Born For This!

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Hey! Hey and welcome! I am so excited you’re here. 

Before we jump in today, I wanted to ask you something. When you imagine your children in 20 years, what do you see? Have you ever really stopped to think about that? … What are your big goals for your kids? 

We’ll look at that idea more as we get deeper in this course, but that’s really the big picture of where we’re going… we’re gonna look at how God can use homeschooling to help you reach those big goals you have for your children— and how YOU are the one He chose to help them get where He wants them to go.

So, today, we’re going to talk about how you were BORN for this, so there’s really nothing to fear or shy away from … 🙂 

Now, I don’t want to mislead you…  Homeschooling’s a lot of work.

But, I promise you this…when you have the right foundation… When you prepare yourself and your family in the right way… And when you set up your homeschool accordingly, you’ll be amazed at how God will always give you the energy and wisdom you need to do what He is calling you to do— AND, you’ll stand in awe at how He’ll grow you personally in ways you never would have imagined at the very same time.

**So, our first anchor as we focus on homeschooling for the heart is —YOU WERE BORN FOR THIS!**

Have you ever stopped to consider that you were born to homeschool your children? Literally!! 

In fact, your children were born into this, because at its core, homeschooling for the heart of your children— or “heart schooling”— is just an extension of the parenting you’ve been doing since the day they were born. 

It’s that natural, and it’s that important for you and your children.

God perfectly designed the family unit to function as the main source of a child’s learning… after all, who was it that taught them to walk…or what their colors are… or how to speak English… or not to touch the hot pan… or how to tie their shoe??  YOU DID!! And, ya’ didn’t think a thing about it, did ya? As they continue to mature, it’s from within your family that they should get their understanding of culture, the shaping of their character,  their sense of belonging and worth… their emotional center… and so on. 

But never forget that God also put those precious souls in your home, so you would have the privilege of bringing your little children to Him. 

For those of you who may be reluctant or nervous about making the leap into home education— and are only watching this because you feel like there are so many changes in the schools coming up that you HAVE to consider something else, I hear ya! 

David and I  never had any intention of homeschooling at all. We loved that our children were in a great Christian school where they were being taught and loved well. In our minds, things were just as they should be.

That is until God started changing our heart and impressing on us how short the days we were given with our children really were. God reminded us that there was NO ONE ELSE ON EARTH CALLED TO PARENT AND TEACH OUR CHILDREN LIKE WE WERE.

Words fail me to express how grateful David and I are now as we look back over the last 10 years and see all that God has done. We had NO IDEA that the simple step of saying yes to God and releasing our own plans for our children’s education would set our family on the exact path He had created us to pursue— and you honestly have no idea what He has in store for you, either.

So, I invite you to join me for the next 16 lessons as together we discuss foundation, benefits, and structure of a homeschool that is aimed at the heart. Along the way, we’ll drop some anchors that are gonna hold us fast no matter what storms we encounter — or how high the waves or strong the current may become. 

I want to point you to a higher call… and one that I promise you can bring peace and growth to your family in ways you would have never imagined.  

Because our culture today seriously undervalues the importance of parents and the intensity of our children’s need for time with us, even many believers have fallen prey to the prevailing thought that we aren’t capable of teaching our children…  when that’s exactly what we’ve been doing since day one! 

Please remember that God isn’t calling you to be or to do everything perfectly— He is simply calling you to be present and intentional in building your relationship with your children. You have a platform unlike anyone else’s— and heart schooling is an incredible way to take full advantage of it!

In the days ahead, we’ll be talking about how laying a firm foundation for your homeschool will help strengthen your family and position your children for success in the days to come.  

We’ll look at “storms” and “strong Currents” that are likely to come— and how having the right anchors can help you stand more firm through them. We’ll discuss the importance of a mission statement and being of one mind with your spouse. We’ll talk about philosophy and how that will direct your practical decisions, and so much more. 

You’re standing on the brink of what could be your biggest adventure and the most important work you’ll ever do in this lifetime. In the next few lessons, we’re going to look at some foundational elements to get you ready for that work.

Now, I know those of you who are new are thinking… but my questions are about curriculum and organizing my day. We’ll get there soon enough… in fact, I’ve included an entire bonus module just for those of you who are getting started.  But if you don’t have yourself firmly anchored to a mission that is beyond what curriculum can teach and organization can accomplish, you’re likely find yourself tossed to and from when the winds of change come. 

So, let’s start out by really defining what homeschooling CAN BE… you KNOW it has to be about more than just academics, right?!?  We’ll talk about that next time. 

You Were Born For This

As a parent, you truly were BORN for this, so there’s really nothing to fear or shy away from … You are the one who’s been teaching your children from day one– and you can do it beautifully going forward!

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