Top 10 Homeschooling Middle School Art Curriculum Choices For 2021

By working their way through art projects, students learn wise decision-making, creative strategies, and the importance of completing a task. Whether your child is artistic or not, you will understand why art is such a vital tool in their personal development.

We have asked some Teach Them Diligently families what their favorite Middle School Art curriculums are. Those are listed below with a link to our complete Homeschool Family Favorite Guide.

The Top 3…

Picture Study Portfolio – From their website: Everything you need to successfully do picture study is in this easy-to-use portfolio. Just one 15-minute lesson once a week is all it takes to spread this feast and cultivate within your children an appreciation for what is just, true, and beautiful.

Draw and Write through HistoryFrom their website: Bring life back to books with the Draw and Write Through History series! These creative teaching books take your students on an exciting, hands-on adventure as they Draw, write, and retain their world history!  This series of creative & educational books is a great supplement to ANY history curriculum.

Artistic Pursuits – From their website: We teach the whole subject of art so you can relax. Featuring art instruction, art history, and art technique in a homeschool art program that encourages creative participation.

Top Middle School Art Curriculums 4-5

4. How Great Through Art – From their website: Teach art the fun and easy way! Enjoy the journey & learn art alongside your children. Learn Art and Art History from the Masters while Homeschooling on a Budget. Our curriculum choices mean homeschool art lessons are a joy and inexpensive!

5. Gather Round Homeschool – From their website: No separate subjects, see the connections in everything you do and learn together as a family. Connection-relational-memorable-God-centered.

Top Middle School Art Curriculums 6-10

2021 Homeschool Family Favorites Guide

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