Top 10 Homeschooling High School History, Social Studies, and Geography Curriculum Choices For 2021

We have asked some Teach Them Diligently families what their favorite High School History, Social Studies, and Geography curriculums are. Those are listed below with a link to our complete Homeschool Family Favorite Guide.

The Top 3…

Mystery of History – From their website: In Volume I, I include chronologically based stories from all around the world, including Asia, North America, and the Holy Lands.  Beginning with the Garden of Eden, stories will spread from Sumer and Babel to Troy, Phoenicia, and Assyria.  The study of early civilizations will include King Wu of China and Asoka of India as well as King David, Julius Caesar, and Xerxes of Persia. Above all, a favorite feature of Volume I is the weaving of Bible history with world history.  In reality, it is all world history.  But for most of us, history has not been taught this way.  It has not been integrated.

Notgrass History – From their website: We offer two full-year curriculum options for use during grades one through four. Our elementary courses provide a rich, interactive experience for children with a variety of learning styles. Each curriculum includes complete daily instructions for how to use the course. You can choose which suggested activities are best for each child.

Memoria Press History – From their website: Some of us remember a time when the history we learned in school was interesting and exciting. Then came the textbooks. Somehow, big publishing companies managed to make history boring. Memoria Press has gone back and resurrected the history books that taught a whole generation of Americans to love their nation’s history. Read these exciting and well-written books that are now in print again, along with our easy-to-use guides that will help you teach them.

Top High School History, Social Studies, and Geography Curriculums 4-5

4. Sonlight History –  From their website: Sonlight programs go through a full history cycle three times between kindergarten and graduation. Each time through, your children gain a deeper understanding. 

5. Masterbooks History – From their website: The World’s Story 1 brings history alive through a Charlotte Mason approach as it teaches junior-high students (grades 6-8) the amazing history of the world. Angela O’Dell uses the same lively storytelling style of her popular America’s Story series to bring the settings and characters to life as students study world history from Creation to the Roman Empire.

Top High School History, Social Studies, and Geography Curriculums 6-10

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