Top 10 Homeschooling High School Bible, Worldview, and Character Curriculum Choices For 2021

I have often said that I don’t care if my children know all the math and science in the world. If they don’t know God, then I haven’t done my job. What good is it to acquire knowledge without first having godly wisdom? Call me an underachiever, but what does it matter to be successful in the world’s eyes, but not God’s?

We have asked some Teach Them Diligently families what their favorite High School Bible, Worldview, and Character curriculums are. Those are listed below with a link to our complete Homeschool Family Favorite Guide.

The Top 3…

Answers in Genesis Bible Curriculum – From their website: Make the study of Scripture a core part of your student’s education with Answers Bible Curriculum for Homeschool. This chronological curriculum will equip you with in-depth Bible teaching, apologetic connections, and engaging activities as you raise the next generation to develop a truly biblical worldview.

Apologia – From their website: Use God’s powerful Word to lead the tender heart and mind of your first grader to God’s path for him. This kit includes Curriculum Lesson Plans for 170 lessons of Bible classes. The 12 books of colorful visuals and narrative presentation will keep your child fascinated as he studies the lives of Adam, Cain, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Enoch, and Jesus. Through memorizing Bible verses, he will have God’s Word to help him daily as he learns about Creation, salvation, Christ’s miracles, Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, and more.

Christian Studies from Memoria Press – From their website: The Memoria Press Christian Studies program is designed to develop three things: Bible literacy, knowledge of church history, and a strong faith and Christian consciousness. To achieve this, your student will study Scripture in K-6, church history in grades 7-11, and Christian apologetics in grade 12. Christian Studies is an academic course equal in content and examinations to all other areas of the curriculum. Our beliefs are the Christian faith is true and that both reason and history support this belief. All time is dated from the birth of Jesus Christ, the central figure in human history. Our program helps students understand why this is true.

Top High School Bible, Worldview, and Character  Curriculums 4-5

4. Abeka Bible –  From their website: Guide your students through a foundational study of Creation, the Flood, the Tower of Babel, and the Patriarchs in just one semester. The Genesis: First Things Video Student Kit includes the Genesis textbook and the coordinating quiz and test book—all the materials your students will need to successfully complete the semester. Whether using the digital or print version of the textbook, your students will establish a biblical worldview through this extensive study from the first book in the Bible. Combine this kit with the Genesis: First Things DVD Monthly Rental for the complete learning experience!

5. Simply Charlotte Mason –  From their website: Homeschool your children with the enjoyable SCM Charlotte Mason curriculum. We’ll show you how to confidently teach your whole family together using the Charlotte Mason method, living books, and our open-and-go daily plans. You will find all the support you need to be successful in our Learning Library articles and videos, our encouraging discussion forum and live events, and our helpful weekly blog articles and podcast.

Top High School Art Curriculums 6-10

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