Thriving Through Habits | 95

Has your family set big goals or have big dreams, but you’re having a hard time finding the way to accomplish them? Then, you’re in the right place today!

Last week, we talked about our Big Why– or what is that overarching thing that really drives you as an individual or as a family. This week, we’re looking at some very practical ways to achieve those big goals that you’ve set. We pray that this conversation will be incredibly helpful for your family as you seek to daily put into motion the calling God has given you.

For 40-days, you will be invited to walk through a Thanksgiving Psalm. Each of the 40 lessons will include: Contextual teaching on the history of when the Psalm was written, including who wrote it and the events that inspired it. Specific teaching from the Psalm regarding a particular aspect of thanksgiving. This teaching unpacks thanksgiving from a Biblical perspective and how it impacted the writer’s walk with God. 

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