The Science of Connections, A Homeschool Lesson

Don’t you love how as home educators, we’re always learning or being reminded of cool things? And isn’t it amazing how as Christian home educators, the Creator God often takes those things we learn “academically” and teaches us and our children wonderful things about Himself and His plan for His people through them. Honestly, those are some of the most remarkable perks of being a homeschool mom or dad.
Not too long ago, I learned a little something about the science of connections that I’m excited to share with you. It was a chemistry class with my teens that God used to encourage my heart.
You, like me, have rarely if ever stopped to think about the 118 elements on the periodic table (which is WAY more than I had to learn in school, for what it’s worth!) and how much more useful and stronger most of them are when they’re in compounds rather than on their own.
Additionally, if it weren’t for the creative ways God has put many of these elements together (think: H2O) or given mankind the creativity to do so, everything we know and see in the world would only be one of those 118 elements. How boring would our world be with only 118 elements making up everything? No trees, no water, no life! Instead, God created those
atoms to bond together to create limitless chemical compounds filling our world with life, diversity, and useful things for us to enjoy. (
Now would be a wonderful time to stop and thank our Creator for His countless wonderful gifts to us!)  🙂
Some of these elements, though useful on their own, become much more valuable and effective when they are combined with other elements to create compounds. Think of how steel is created from iron, or how useful aluminum becomes when combined with other elements.
I’m sure that you already KNEW that, but had you ever stopped to marvel at it?
Homeschool Connections
Here is why that little chemistry lesson was such an encouragement to my heart. God has been impressing on me for years about the importance of fellowship, community, and connections among believers. He has reinforced to me through opportunities, conversations, and Bible study the fact that we were never created to walk alone—we are much stronger and more useful to Him when we live in community. Seeing that very
lesson displayed so powerfully in the 118 elements that make up all life was incredible.
What if we, as moms and dads were really dedicated to making those homeschool connections with one another, serving one another, sharing ideas and experiences with one another, bearing one another’s burdens, teaching one another, and supporting each other as we all passionately pursue the call God has placed on our lives? How would our families, churches, communities, and world be changed if we opened ourselves up for deeper connections?
This weekend, we had a wonderful time of fellowship and togetherness with families in Ohio. We laughed together. We shared our stories together. We even cried together as that connection we felt allowed us the freedom to open our hearts to one another on an even deeper level. As I bask in the memories of our time in Cedarville this weekend, I get even more excited about the upcoming gatherings and our opportunity to spend time with you in Round Rock or Pigeon Forge later this spring.
As Christian home educators, we “swim against the cultural current” most of our days, don’t we? But there is no need to do it alone! If you’re reading this, you already have access to an amazing group of families who are going the same direction you are. Just think of how much more effective and successful we could all be if we lock arms and commit to joining each other in the journey!
I get extremely excited when I think of the impact that a group of families who are passionately committed to raising their children to love God and others can have on our world—today and for generations to come! Don’t you?

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