The One Why To Homeschool | 158

This question of why you would homeschool is still a big one. It may even be more of a struggle as the numbers of homeschool families have grown by leaps and bounds.  When you look around social media it’s pretty easy to see that a lot of what prompted people to homeschool recently doesn’t give a lot of peace on difficult or stressful days.  People are still struggling to nail this idea of a why down even though so many people discuss that concept as foundational for setting up a homeschool, and we believe there’s a clear answer for that.

On today’s podcast, David and Leslie are going to take a look at why Christian families homeschool. We’ll be specifically diving into the power of the right why (spoiler alert, we believe there’s only one!) and the difference that finding that why and aligning everything in your life up behind it can make in your life and in your family. It’s truly powerful!


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