The Necessity of Deschooling | 99

On today’s podcast, We’re going to explore a very important, although often overlooked aspect of getting started homeschooling. Stacey Wells is here to talk to us about Deschooling, which is something you don’t want to overlook if you’ve taken your children out of a brick and mortar school situation. We’ll discuss the necessity, benefits, and blessings of this often missed part of the process. 


Stacey Wells is a professional freelance writer and homeschool advocate. She has been ministering online for about 5 years, but God has recently called her into the homeschool ministry, which I’ve been very involved with since early to mid-2020.


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Additional Resources:

Stacey Wells shares wonderful resources about deschooling and where to start. Find out more about deschooling HERE and where to start as a homeschool family HERE.

TTD365 is another wonderful way to find resources and encouragement in your homeschool journey! Here you will find over 2,000 sessions from the most knowledgeable leaders in the homeschool world, community, free resources, and more! Click HERE to find out more today!

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