The Middle School Homeschool Student

My Homeschooler is in Middle School, Now What?

The Middle School Homeschool Student

If you have a child in middle school, these are the years where academics are taken up a notch. The nice thing about homeschooling however, is utilizing what suits them best.

What years are considered middle school?

This varies in different places, but I have always though that elementary was 1st-5th grade and middle school was 6th-8th grade. In other places 5th-6th grade is considered middle school and 7th-8th grade is junior high. No matter how you look at it, either way the middle school years are obviously smack dab in between elementary and high school years.

What does my middle school student need to learn?

Middle school students are beginning to blossom in so many different areas this is including academics, which means they may require more:

When it comes to math, middle school students should be learning Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Integers, etc.

Science is a good time for lab experiments in the areas of General Science or even Astronomy, etc.

History can be vast. Middle School students typically learn about Ancient Rome, Greece, etc. and even American History.

Middle School students will begin writing personal narratives and essays, etc. They will continue to brush up on language arts in the area of grammar, punctuation, etc. Spelling and vocabulary skills are also being built.

Reading comprehension skills and book reading is a big part of middle school development.

Foreign Language is a fun experience for middle school. Whether it’s Latin, Spanish, French, etc., getting their feet wet is a good way to prepare them for the high school years.

You will of course want to incorporate P.E, Art, Music, etc. P.E could easily be a sport, art could be taken through a homeschool co-op or there are free online art classes. Music can be choir or any instruments your middles school student may play.

Now keep in mind, these ideas are just a guide. As a homeschooler, you are free to go the route you feel is best as far as topics within a subject area and according to state laws.

Middle school is also a great time to ask what your student is interested in possibly studying. What are their gifts and talents? For example, say your homeschooler likes fashion design, this is an excellent time for them to take sewing classes, create a portfolio, etc. Maybe they are into robotics or engineering? There are a variety of classes and programs out there that cater to these desires and talents also. It’s best to check with your local programs if available.

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