The Lifelong Benefits of Getting Outdoors | 101

Does getting outside and playing excite you or intimidate you? Have you felt a longing to spend more time outdoors and less on screens, but you don’t even know where to start? If so, today’s podcast is PERFECT for you!


On today’s podcast, Ginny Yurich from 1000 Hours Outside is going to talk to us about the lifelong benefits of getting you and your kiddos outside. We’ll discuss the developmental, emotional, spiritual, relational, and academic benefits of prioritizing time outdoors, and give you a lot of tips for how to get started and how to make that a permanent part of your family dynamic. 


Ginny is a Michigan homeschooling mother of five and the founder of 1000 Hours Outside. She is a thought-leader in the world of nature-based play and its benefits for children. One of her top priorities is to inspire parents to invest in spending time in the outdoors!

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Find more AMAZING resources from 1000 Hours Outside by visiting their website HERE.
Ginny Yurich will be a speaker at all of our TTD Conventions this year- Cedarville, Round Rock, and Pigeon Forge! Check out the link HERE to secure your ticket! You do NOT want to miss hearing Ginny in person.


Find out more about the book “Smart Moves: Why Learning Is Not All In Your Head” by clicking HERE.

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