The Blessing of an Unexpected Life | 137


On today’s podcast, we are joined by Diana and Kate Cockrell. Diana and Kate are a mother-daughter writing team and they just published a book together! Today, we are going to talk all about the process and they why behind their project! They truly are the example of living an unexpected life and seeing the blessing that comes with it!

Meet the Guests:

Diana Cockrell lives with her husband in a Greenville, South Carolina, home overrun by pets, books, and story ideas. When she’s not teaching history or teaching composition, she’s thinking about history and thinking about writing. When she’s not doing that, she’s studying
history or actually writing (are you sensing a pattern here?), usually with a cat in her lap. Her dearest wish is to travel back in time, experiencing the events and meeting the people she loves. 
Kate Cockrell also lives in Greenville, South Carolina, and spends her days pretending she’s everywhere else. She reads, writes, teaches, and searches for every opportunity to grow imagination, both for herself and anyone else who’ll sit still long enough.

Additional Resources:

Find out more about the book Worth the Read or contact the author HERE.

Follow on Instagram at @justourbook

Purchase your copy of Worth the Read from any of the following:


Barnes and Noble

Books a Million

Thrift Books

Local podcast listeners (in South Carolina) can also purchase the book in person at As the Page Turns, an independent bookstore in Travelers Rest, SC.

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