This week, we’ll be praying for the believers in Mozambique, which is a hostile nation for believers.

Þ  Taste—Mozambican’s food is normally full of spices, seafood, corn porridge, and stews. Since Mozambique is on the coast of Africa, fresh seafood is heavily represented in their cuisine. Along with fresh seafood, corn porridge is another staple in a Mozambician’s diet. The Corn Porridge is often made from Maize and is called xima. As you and your family study and pray for Mozambique check out these traditional recipes to try with your family!

Þ   See—Watch as Geography Now goes in detail about Mozambique! They go into the geography, culture, language, and exports. Check it out here! 

Þ   Find—Find Mozambique on your map and mark it as a place you’re praying for all week. If you are looking for a good map to use throughout the year, check out this  one that you can scratch off! You can dive deeper and get more geographical information about Mozambique by clicking here and here!

Þ   Pray— Let’s pray specifically for the Christians in the Cabo Del Gado Insurgency. Pastors especially are under a lot of persecution in Northern Mozambique. Christians are also being attacked and their homes are being destroyed. Find more stories about Christians in Mozambique here!  

Your family can find more details about Mozambique and learn how you can pray specifically for Mozambican believers in your Global Prayer Guide pg. 62-63. Then, you can journal specific things you found to pray for to have a reminder of this prayer journey you’re on together.

Go to to get your own free Global Prayer Guide from The Voice of the Martyrs today!

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