This week, we’ll be praying for the believers in Laos, which is a restricted nation for believers.

Þ   Taste— Food is very important in Laos. It is a crucial part of their culture. It is often a major topic of conversation and something that brings everyone together. Check out these Laotian dishes here! 

Þ   See—Laos is full of wildlife and endangered speicies. Check out this documentary by Go Wild that focuses on the unique wildlife and environment of Laos! 

Þ   Find—Find Laos on your map and mark it as a place you’re praying for all week. You can dive deeper and get more geographical information about Laos by clicking here.

Þ   Pray— Laos is a restricted nation for believers. Believers are often cast out by their own families and persecuted by the communist government. Even with all this persecution the church is still growing! Check out this multipart series where Laotian believers tell their stories. 


Your family can find more details about Laos and learn how you can pray 

specifically for Lao believers in your Global Prayer Guide pg. 50. Then, you can journal specific things you found to pray for to have a reminder of this prayer journey you’re on together. Go to to get your own free Global Prayer Guide from The Voice of the Martyrs today!

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