This week, we’ll be praying for the believers in Pakistan, which is a restricted nation for believers.

Þ   Taste—Pakistani food is full of lots of spices and flavors. It normally is spicy or is creamy and sweet. Lots of Pakistani food is prominent in other Asian cultures and cuisines. As we pray for believers in Pakistan, maybe try one of these Pakistani dishes! Check them out here! 

Þ   See—Learn more about Pakistan and what Christians have to go through as believers in Pakistan. 

Þ   Find—Find Pakistan on your map and mark it as a place you’re praying for all week. You can dive deeper and get more geographical information about Pakistan by clicking here.

Þ   Pray– Let’s pray specifically for this family in Pakistan whose home was burned down by radical Hindus killing two of their young children.  You can read more about their story here. The believers in Pakistan are in constant danger and need our prayer and support. 


Your family can find more details about Pakistan and learn how you can pray 

specifically for Pakistani believers in your Global Prayer Guide. Then, you can journal specific things you found to pray for to have a reminder of this prayer journey you’re on together. Go to to get your own free Global Prayer Guide from The Voice of the Martyrs today

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