This week, we’ll be praying for the believers in Cuba, which is a restricted nation for believers.

Þ TasteCuban Food is so diverse and is an incredible hodgepodge of different cultures. Starchy vegetables, rice, and fish are some Cuban staples. Here is a list of the best Cuban food you and your family can try this week as you’re learning more about this country.

Þ   SeeClick here to watch Geography Now’s video on Cuba! It’s a fun fascinating video on all things Cuba!

Þ   Find—Find Cuba on your map and mark it as a place you’re praying for all week. Click here to dive deeper and get more geographical information about Cuba.

Þ   Pray— Let’s pray specifically for the Christians in Cuba.  Cuban believers are not currently being imprisoned but they are being closely watched and many are under house arrest.  You can listen to Brother Joshua’s story a church leader in Cuba Here! 


Your family can find more details about Cuba and learn how you can pray specifically for the Cuban believers in your Global Prayer Guide. Then, you can journal specific things you found to pray for to have a reminder of this prayer journey you’re on together. Go to to get your own free Global Prayer Guide from The Voice of the Martyrs today!

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