Our Dream for this Place —

Mom, you work hard, we see you… we see you pouring out to your children and husband each day. Each school year we see you grading papers, teaching lessons, and grading more papers… We see you pouring into your house, making it a home. Cleaning, cooking, laundry. We see you. Because we are just like you. 

Somedays we fall into bed content and satisfied that we’ve done our best for our family.  Often we fall into bed at night tired, weary, wondering if we will have eagerly to get up and do it again the next day. 

We have a dream to help you pour into your people. 

We have a dream to TAKE CARE OF MOM (not in a selfish way, no spa days involved) But in a soul care way. We want to equip you with tools to:  

  • Get You Into God’s Word — Because God’s Word is where our strength to do this mom thing comes from.
  • Give you Opportunities for Retreats with other Moms — Because surrounding ourselves with like-minded moms is life giving
  • Encourage you to take care of your Physical Body — Because when we take care to be healthy we have energy to care for our people.
Let us help you take care of MOM so she can take care of everything she’s called to do. 

365 REFRESH — Equipping You To Be a Mom In God’s Word
Because God’s Word is where our strength to do this mom thing comes from

We have two different options for helping you get into God’s Word. Check them out, decide which one fits your season of life, and let’s get started! Gathering around God’s Word is so important, we’d love to have you join us!

We read a chapter a day… New Testament, Psalms, Old Testament, Proverbs… and back again. Check out our current plan below.  Join us in the messaging group for added accountability & lots of great conversation around the daily Bible Reading.

Each weekday, we read 5-15 verses a day. One verse each day is highlighted for you to TAP (journal T=Truth, A=Action/application, P=Write a prayer) Accountability is added by joining your Connections/Meetup Group to study… where we have lots of great conversation around the daily Bible Reading.

Introducing Our Read Through the Bible Reading Plan — Psalms!


We start reading in the Books of Moses on February 20th! 

The Psalms Reading Plan will last about 8 months. 

You will be able to find the reading for each week in the email. Or follow along inside the “Read the Bible Chapter-by-Chapter” Messaging Group on the app. 


Anyone can jump in anytime — it is perfect where ever you jump in at!

Introducing Our Topical Study — The Fruit of the Spirit
Starting March 13th

Peeking Into Prayer is here…

This Three-Week Bible Reading Plan & Companion Journal is brought to you in partnership with Trudie at Learning Little Lessons. 


How is your prayer life? Do you feel stuck? 

Sometimes we can’t think of what to pray about, other times we have too much to pray about and it looks overwhelming. Still other times, our hearts are so grieved we can’t find the words to pray. I think we’ve all been there. 

In this study we are going to take a “peek” into the prayers said in the Bible. We are going to peek into a variety of different types of prayers from very unique people.

Each day we will see a different purpose to the prayer we peak in on. Together, we will dig into that purpose and you will have a prompt to get you praying




Good question!  Each time we roll out a new Reading Plan we will ask in your meetup groups who wants to join. Mention Erma’s name and she will add you to the study group!


We think it will be the best way to deepen your relationships… Around Jesus is always the best. 💗  (The password to download the free reading plan is in your weekly 365 email)

365 RETREAT — Giving You Opportunities for Retreats
Because surrounding ourselves with like-minded moms is life giving

Learn More and Get Your Tickets HERE 👉🏻 https://teachthemdiligently.net/ttd-365-retreat/

365 RESTORE — Encouraging You to Take Care of Your Physical Body
Because when we keep mom healthy, we have energy to care for our people.

Welcome to Taking Care of Mom…Physically!  

Many moms are frustrated because they feel tired, moody and stressed out. At Eiro Wellness I help address underlying health concerns so moms can better handle life’s demands and expectations and enjoy life again. 

I want you to…

• Wake up feeling rested.

• Have hormone balance that no longer interferes with life.

• Have energy to outrun the kids.

• Feel good about how you are managing stress.

• Experience mental clarity needed to focus on relationships.

• Have resilience for life’s next curve ball.

• Have emotional control that your friends and family notice.

My heart is for moms like you as I have seen the physical toll that the sacrifice of home schooling takes on your body.  


A little about me…

My name is Rachel Rauch.  I was a home-school graduate (many years ago) and am thrilled that all my school-aged nieces and nephews are homeschooled!  I am board-certified as a traditional Doctor of Naturopathy.  

I know the frustration and discouragement of being limited by health concerns that are the result of stress and overwhelm.  I founded Eiro Wellness to help women regain their health and resilience so they can continue making a difference in the lives of those they love.

I’m excited and honored to share this space with you! Each week you will see a little tip from me, to help reset your mind on taking care of your physical needs…so that you can take care of all your people. 

Meanwhile, I invite you to learn more on my website, eirowellness.com and join me on Instagram and Facebook!