Taking Care of Mom

TTD 365 gives you Content, Community, and Connections… and we also want to equip you to take care of an important part of the family– MOM– so that you, Mom, can be whole and well-equipped to serve your family well. 

Spiritually-- Equipping You To Be a Mom In God’s Word

Join us for Bible Reading plans and groups, weekly encouragement to help you stay focused on the things that will keep your walk with God vibrant and healthy.

Physically--Restoring Your Health To Wholeness

Each week, Rachel Rauch of Eiros Wellness shares ways to Restore Your Health to Wholeness. Plus, you'll have occasional opportunities to enjoy Q and A times with her.

Emotionally -- Offering Retreats and Connections Year Round

Make the most of the connections and content offered in TTD365 by getting involved in small groups, attending retreats, and enjoying the encouragement offered all year long.

SPIRITUALLY — Equipping You To Be a Mom In God’s Word

You can’t give your children a strong foundation for their faith if yours isn’t rock solid first. Join us in 2024 as we dive into the Bible Recap together. We’ll be embarking on a 365-day journey to read and discuss God’s Word together.

  • You and your family will gain so much as you grow in your knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.
  • Click here to join the Reading Plan right where we are today! Dive right in and start now.
  • Join the discussion group in the TTD365 App to share your takeaways and grow alongside the other moms who are participating. The insights shared there will be incredibly valuable.

Then, be sure to watch the videos each month for more Biblical encouragement and homeschool helps so you can be the mom God has called you to be and that you want your children to have.

PHYSICALLY — Restoring Your Health To Wholeness

Welcome to Taking Care of Mom… Physically!

Many moms are frustrated because they feel tired, moody, and stressed out. At Eiro Wellness I help address underlying health concerns so moms can better handle life’s demands and expectations and enjoy life again. 

I want you to…

  • Wake up feeling rested.
  • Have hormone balance that no longer interferes with life.
  • Have energy to outrun the kids.
  • Feel good about how you are managing stress.
  • Experience mental clarity needed to focus on relationships.
  • Have resilience for life’s next curve ball.
  • Have emotional control that your friends and family notice. 

My heart is for moms like you as I have seen the physical toll that the sacrifice of home schooling takes on your body.  

A little about me…

My name is Rachel Rauch.  I was a home-school graduate (many years ago) and am thrilled that all my school-aged nieces and nephews are homeschooled!  I am board-certified as a traditional Doctor of Naturopathy.  

I know the frustration and discouragement of being limited by health concerns that are the result of stress and overwhelm.  I founded Eiro Wellness to help women regain their health and resilience so they can continue making a difference in the lives of those they love.

I’m excited and honored to share this space with you! Each week you will see a little tip from me, to help reset your mind on taking care of your physical needs…so that you can take care of all your people. 

Meanwhile, I invite you to learn more on my website, eirowellness.com and join me on Instagram and Facebook!

EMOTIONALLY — Retreats and Connections

TTD365 Together Retreats afford us all the opportunity to come together for a long weekend of rest, relaxation, and a whole lot of fun. Without exception, the ladies who attend head home with a renewed excitement about their mission and with a cup overflowing. It’s been so obvious that many husbands have made a point to set aside the time to allow the wives the chance to join us.

Be on the lookout for details about upcoming retreat opportunities! We have some big ideas for 2024!