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A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That: Helping Mom Craft a Creative and Thoughtfully Designed Curriculum

Speaker: Tomara Reeves Is your head spinning with all the homeschooling lingo? Charlotte Mason. Classical. Unschooling. Traditional. Are you trying to pick and choose but don’t know what would be the best fit for your family? Do you tend to lean towards thinking outside the box? Or do you feel stuck in the box without […]

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Multi-Grade, Multi-Age, Multi-Learning Styles? All Together without Mom Losing her Mind!

Speaker: Tomara Reeves Are you longing to find ways in your day to bring all your children together around the table? Do you need refreshing tips that show you how to combine subjects in a way that meets the needs of all your children? Are you weary of juggling different history time periods for the […]

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