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Real Moms with Crystal Kelly — Finding Intergenerational Relationships

As we’ve been reading and talking about Titus 2 we’ve been learning how important it is to have friends that are older and younger. Crystal has felt this need over the last few years. She has made an intentional point of adding these relationships into her life. Come learn what she does and what she […]

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Mentoring Relationships– Real Moms of 365 with Mari Li

God created His people to live in community, and He specifically told older women to invest in and mentor those who are younger than them. This week on Real Moms of 365, Mari Li joins Leslie to talk about the mentoring relationships they’ve enjoyed as well as to discuss what mentoring relationships can look like […]

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Rethink Your Influence– An Interview WIth Lisa Schmidt

God’s Word commands us to be involved in the lives of those He puts in our paths. He talks very clearly about the older women investing in and mentoring the younger women. This week, let’s look together at these Titus 2 relationships and talk very practically about how they start and why they’re so important […]

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The Titus 2 Woman: Is She Relevant for Today?

What are women supposed to teach and learn from one another? To love their husbands, love their children, and take care of their homes. Is that even relevant in our society today? Please join us for this intriguing workshop as we discover the timeless truths from God’s Word about our biblical role as women. Learn how to practically apply these truths in your own life and in the lives of your daughters and young women you disciple, and begin restoring biblical balance and unity in the home.

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Woman to Woman- The Mentoring Model

Tailor your student’s high school to fit individual goals! This workshop is perfect for new homeschool parents as well as experienced homeschool families arriving at the high school years.

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Lies Homeschoolers Believe

Woman to woman- The Mentoring Model

Women thrive on relationships! But are our relationships glorifying to God or do they draw our hearts away from faithful obedience to the Lord and His Word? In this conference, Megan will encourage women to use their relationships to encourage, edify, and exhort one another. As sisters in Christ, and homeschooling mothers, we have the unique opportunity to build up and strengthen one another. Every homeschooling mom will benefit from giving and receiving encouragement from other women. This conference will challenge women to examine their friendships and to structure Christ-centered, God honoring, faith deepening relationships.

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