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Is College (Still) Worth It? Data-driven insights to support the next generation

Speaker: Dr. Tim Rees Does the old axiom that if you have a college degree you will earn a half million dollars more over your lifetime than if you only have a high school diploma still hold true? Aren’t colleges just raising the price every year and forcing students further into student loan debt? Isn’t […]

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Five Best Ways to Prepare Your Student for College and Career

Speaker: Dr. Tim Rees Practical advice from a college enrollment professional and former homeschool dad. Parents and students have questions about preparing for post-homeschool and this session will provide steps that can prove useful in that endeavor. Listen Now

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Best Ways You Can Prepare Your Student for College and Career

Join Linda Lacour Hobar (author of The Mystery of History) to discover what happens when Bible history and world history meet face to face. Through stories, activities, and much more, watch His-story unfold on one seamless timeline.

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