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An Introduction to Multiple Intelligences

Award-winning author and Kidzmet.com Founder Jen Lilienstein digs into how to put Multiple Intelligence theory into practice in your homeschool including: •How MI theory differs from the common view of intelligence. •What MI theory suggests for our understanding of and interactions with the children in our lives. •How multiple intelligences can be used as a lens to know children, their strengths, interests, and preferences, and how that information can be used to benefit the child and family.

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Raising Leaders: Unlocking Potential

Is your intelligent child falling short of his full potential? Have you said, “Yes, I want to raise a leader but he’s struggling too much academically and socially. He doesn’t complete daily chores and activities, even personal hygiene seems difficult. He knows something one day but not the next. He loses focus so easily! How can a leader emerge from this type of behavior?” Come learn, from Dr. Jan Bedell how brain training can unlock the leadership potential that is truly within your child.

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