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Teaching History Using Source Documents – Interview with Ben Kunkel

There is great value in approaching the way we teach history by using source documents and real experiences to do so. Join Leslie and Ben Kunkel of the Ashbrook Center as they talk about teaching history to your high school students using source documents– and even throw in some great ideas for making history come alive for your younger students!

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History Starts Here: Digging into the Past

How to make history fun and engaging? Learn how to integrate all of your subjects with history as your spine. Learn about hands on projects that make history “sticky”, both literally and figuratively. Discuss timelines and the different ways you can learn and memorize events and their dates. Listen Now

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Twaddle-Free History

Most of us have a bad taste in our mouths about history.  It was boring and we hated it.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Homeschoolers have the chance to rediscover the fun and excitement of history (yes, we did just use fun, excitement and history in the same sentence).  The seminar will focus on WHY we should study history – because its an essential tool for building godly character – and a number of practical ideas about HOW to teach history (in ways that won’t torture children or adults).

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