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Learning Is Not Fun – and That’s Okay

Emphasis on “fun”? sets you up for failure and creates unrealistic expectations, unfair to the student. There is no way to entertain and learn at the same time. You cannot compete with all of the many kinds of fun that are available today. You can do what entertainment cannot do, which is to give the student the satisfaction of learning and accomplishment.

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What Does a Classical Education Look Like in the Primary (K-2nd Grade) Years?

Students in kindergarten, first, and second grade need to focus on mastering the skills of reading, writing, and basic math. A student’s primary education program is the foundation on which the rest of his education is built. Find out how to train your students in accuracy, attention to detail, and mastery from the beginning. And discover how a simple read-aloud book each week can expose your students to science, history, geography, art, classical music, and poetry.

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Latin: The Heart of a Classical Education

: Could you explain where the water for a world-wide flood would have come from, & where it all went afterward?! Many Christians can’t. Understanding the flood (the purpose, causes, aftermath and evidence) is very important to an understanding of a biblically sound creation model. This session covers the basics of this event, and also includes a video & PowerPoint presentation of the ???Hydroplate Theory??? – a biblically accurate and scientifically feasible portrayal of the flood event.

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