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Creative Ways to Enjoy God’s Word with Your Children

In this workshop Marian will share from her personal experience of spiritually investing in the lives of her children. She will share a very important decision she and her husband Kirk made that greatly influenced all of their homeschool years. Come glean some simple, yet creative, practical, and inexpensive ways to study and memorize God’s Word and pray with your children. Marian will also share a way to intentionally plan for a consistent time in God’s Word and prayer with your children each school day. This workshop is for mothers.

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Journal Through the Bible

Journal Through the Bible is a great way to hide God’s Word in your heart. You can also start teaching your children how to do this as well. It can be tailored for younger kids all the way up to 99! Attendees will gain better skills in developing a personal journal of what they experience writing about God’s Word. They will get handout of resources and gain access to an exclusive facebooks discussion group for further development of their skills.

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Bible Study for Really Busy Mamas

Pam Forster Mommas should be studying the Bible, but finding time in the midst of raising kids can be challenging. This session will give helpful resources and tips for how busy moms can study the Bible and grow in their faith in Christ. Listen Now

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