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Introduction to Electronics – Hands On Best Practices for introducing a STEM based technology program into your curriculum

Speaker: Jason Lukawitz Although electronics can seem daunting, this session will introduce you to some best practices that you can use in your own classroom to implement a technology based program that you and your children can work at and learn together. During the session you will be hands on building a small project that […]

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From Gamers to Programmers: Leading our Digital Youth to Successful Careers

So.. you’ve got a gamer? Don’t worry! Come hear the facts, and dispel some myths, about our children and the digital culture they live in. We help parents understand how they can embrace technology and use it to lead our children into awesome careers. Learn about the similarities between our kids today and our childhoods 20-40 years ago. Yes, they are actually pretty similar. In addition, learn about the many areas of interest our kids have, just like when we were growing up, that we need to nurture. The only difference is…. they do it digitally. So come explore the world our children are growing up in and learn how to use it as an awesome tool for guiding them to successful, happy careers/lives.

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STEM Education for Homeschoolers

In today’s technology culture, the enemy’s lure of our young people’s minds to escape into an artificial world is great. Find practical tools you can implement to help keep your children from getting caught in the snare of escapism.

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